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Everything Your Mama Made - Get Moving Leggings and Zenith & Quasar Winter Weight Supplex

I have loved every pattern I have made from Everything Your Mama Made (EYMM), and this one is no exception. I've tried several "legging" or "tights" patterns and have not found one that I absolutely love. So I decided to give the EYMM "Get Moving" leggings a try. I do like this one - but it's not quite love - but it is so close!  But I think I can make some adjustments to my next pair to make it love.

The wonderful Lilly Himrod of Zenith & Quasar sent me some of her new winter weight supplex to try  out. I'm already in love with the regular supplex and was so excited to try the heavier winter weight. The fabric content is 45% Supplex Nylon, 42% Polyester, and 13%Lycra Spandex and weighs a whopping 280 GSM. It has the same stretching ability as the regular supplex 50% in every direction and is so soft. You can buy the supplex at for $20/yard - and I can make a pair of legging from 1 yard.

I used the heathered navy fo…

Sweater Upcycle

I have a sweater that I just love how it fits, but last time I wore it I noticed a small hole in the sleeve. I've tried darning holes in  sweaters before and have never been happy with how they turn out - or they just end up opening back up. So I decided to take the sleeves off and replace them with knit sleeves.

Here is the sweater.

Here is the fabric I decided to use for the sleeves. This is a European organic cotton made by Kapynen and this print is called "Dodo". I purchased it from Emrose Fabrics - they are out o stock on this print. Jumping June Textiles still has it in stock.

First I cut the sleeve off that had the hole. I decided I would keep the cuffs and reuse them.

Here's the hole.

The sleeves had gathers at the top, but I really didn't want gathers in the new sleeves so I measured the top where the gathers were.

Then I laid the sleeve on my fabric and gathered the top of the sleeve to be about the width that I measured.

Here is the sleeve laid out on …

Fawnette Fabrics - Fancy Cats!

I was so excited to get a chance to sew a strikeoff for Fawnette Fabrics. They are a new custom knit group and their first round had a really cute cat print. Then they ran a flash round of the cat print in different colors - I was boring and bought it in black & white and a grey version. Check out their website - They are out of stock on the cats - but take a look at how cute they are.
Now they are on Round 2 and have "Fancy Cats" and a matching stripe. The Fancy Cats are very whimsical and fun. Fawnette prints on a 95% cotton 5% spandex base fabric with a 220 gsm weight. It feels so soft and I love this weight - nice and thick.

I originally wanted to make the Hey June Aurora Tee with the fabric - but that pattern was a little too wide for the fabric I had. I noticed the pieces were extremely similar to an Anna Maria Horner (AMH) pattern I had - the Lemon Drop Tee. So I took it out and laid it on the fabric - and it was slightly narr…

KZJO' Studio - Cosette - Pattern of the Month

The Cosette is the pattern of the month for November at KZJO' Studio. It's on sale for $6.75 through November 30th.

Kaysie (aka KZ) of KZJO' Studio has great patterns. One thing I love about her patterns is that she designs for a "real" woman that has hips! Most of her patterns have a slight curve to the hip area and makes them fit really great.

I was a pattern tester for the Cosette awhile back - you can read about it HERE.

The Cosette is a very unique top. It's a great pattern that uses woven fabrics and is especially good for flannels for a fall top. The side panels are cut on the bias which adds interest and gives some ease to the fit. The way the front and back are shaped (like an hourglass) really helps to emphasize the waistline creating a slimming silhouette.

I decided to hack this pattern for this month. It's a fairly simple hack. I replaced the side panels and sleeves with a knit. I also sized down when doing this hack since the knit will give m…