KZJO' Studio - Cosette - Pattern of the Month

The Cosette is the pattern of the month for November at KZJO' Studio. It's on sale for $6.75 through November 30th.

Kaysie (aka KZ) of KZJO' Studio has great patterns. One thing I love about her patterns is that she designs for a "real" woman that has hips! Most of her patterns have a slight curve to the hip area and makes them fit really great.

I was a pattern tester for the Cosette awhile back - you can read about it HERE.

The Cosette is a very unique top. It's a great pattern that uses woven fabrics and is especially good for flannels for a fall top. The side panels are cut on the bias which adds interest and gives some ease to the fit. The way the front and back are shaped (like an hourglass) really helps to emphasize the waistline creating a slimming silhouette.

I decided to hack this pattern for this month. It's a fairly simple hack. I replaced the side panels and sleeves with a knit. I also sized down when doing this hack since the knit will give more ease to the pattern.

The top below I made using a pieced woven (purchased this way) that I probably bought dirt cheap or picked up for free since it was a small remnant and some black baby rib knit. The front and back of the top are woven and the side panels are knit. Since I used knit for the side panels - there was no need to cut them on the bias. I really love how this top came out.

Here is a second Cosette I made. The Front and Back are a Birch Organic flannel - I bought it at the Wherehouse Fabric Outlet in the Dallas Fabric District for $2.50 for the 1 yard piece. The sleeves and side panels are a french terry that I purchased at C&C Fabrics - also in the Dallas Fabric District for $1/yard! I really love how this one came out. It's so warm and cozy. Excuse my crazy hair - the winds were howling at 30 mph.

Diamond Peplum Top - Sugar Ink Peacock Feathers


I entered my top in the Pattern Anthology Unbiased Collection Contest and I am a finalist for the Grand Prize! Please do me a favor and vote for my top. Voting is quick and easy - and ends on Saturday. The winner will be announced on Monday. Vote HERE.



I received a strike off of these gorgeous peacock feather print from Sugar Ink Fabric. Sugar Ink's cotton lycra fabric is printed in Europe on GOTS certified organic cotton lycra - and it's wonderful! This print will be available for pre-order beginning November 27th on their website - www.sugarinkfabric.com

The peacock feather kaleidoscope print is named Pavoescence. The colors in it are beautiful - jade green, deep dark purple, ruby red, indigo blue, and many colors in between. The pattern is playful, yet sophisticated. 

The pattern I used is the Diamond Dress and Top from Shwin Designs. I bought it from Pattern Anthology as part if the Unbiased Collection. This pattern will be on sale for one day only for $3! Use the code "Diamond" to get the sale price on November 15th HERE

Here are a few photos of me in my Diamond Top. I love this pattern and how you can do color blocking. It's hard to tell from my photos, but the center front of the top is shaped like a diamond. The back piece wraps around to the front to make the triangles on the lower sides on the diamond. 

I went with the flared peplum bottom. The pattern also has a gathered bottom option.

Pink Zeppelin Poly Lycra Jersey Knit Peacock Feathers

Are you curious about the poly lycra Pink Zeppelin Fabrics is now offering? Yvi Osorio sent me a strike off. Here's my take on it. 

It's lightweight - nothing like what is offered by Cuddle Muffins or Zenith & Quasar. But that's okay. That makes this poly more drapey - it's very fluid. It would be great for those summery tops, dress, and skirts that need a lot of drape or are very flowy. 

It feels silky. I wasn't sure at first what I had. It has almost a swim feel, but not quite - it's almost like active wear. 

It has great stretch and recovery side to side, and has some vertical stretch (about 20%). 

The print is crisp and the colors are rich and amazingly vivid. 

I also love the price - it's $15/yard! 

I'll definitely buy this in addition to the cotton lycra. I can see using this for a lot of patterns where cotton lycra doesn't have enough drape to look right. The top I made is the Lotus Blossom Top from Love Notions. I made this top before in a custom cotton lycra (See post HERE) and was unhappy with the result since it did not drape properly for this pattern. So go give Yvi's poly lycra a try. The preorder closes on November 6th.

This is a closeup shot of the front of the top - to show the great drape and vivid colors.

Me in the top.

The back detail on this top is so cute and great for when you don't have enough fabric for the front and back since you can add a little of the design fabric to the top of the back.

Another photo of me in the top - since the top makes me look so thin.

And another - I need ,ore of these tops in a drapey fabric. I need to find a way to make it long sleeve.

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