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*NOTE* These two patterns are INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED sewing level, as they include zipper installation and some unique assembly techniques.

This is my second time doing a blog tour for Everything Your Mama Made. Last time the pattern was the Kymy Dolman (see my post here). This time it's the His & Hers Hoodie & Hooded Vest. And you have an opportunity to win this pattern or the pattern of your choosing - details are at the end.

I'll admit, I was a little intimidated by the separating zipper, but I faced my fears and accepted the challenge. I am so happy with how my hoodie turned out. My 17 year old son even likes it and said he would wear it if I made him one. So I'll take that as a compliment from him.

My main fabric was some stuff I bought at the thrift store. I got about 8 yards for $4.99. It's a nice heavy knit that looks like a sweater knit on one side, and a smooth interlock knit on the other. It's really thick and has been sitting on my self for awhile. This was the perfect project for it. The lining is a jellyfish custom knit that I bought and was flawed. Since it's the lining, I figured the flaws wouldn't be noticeable and would give a little pop of color.

Here are all my pieces cut out and my zipper. You can also see my nosy Ocicat named Baggins being his normal nosy self.

First the lining is constructed. The 2 panels that make the left side are sewn together. And the seam pressed towards the armhole.

Then the seam is topstitched down. I used my coverstitch for this.

I love the finished look of a coverstitch seam - but no one will see this when I'm done.

Next was to sew the hood together. If you notice in the photo - I used my regular sewing machine for most seams. I was paranoid I was going to screw it up.

Now to sew the back of the neck and the shoulders. I laid it out so it laid flat in a line and pinned it together, then sewed the seam as one long seam.

Here is what the inside of the neck and should seam looks like.

Then I sewed the side seams and the lining was done.

Now it was time to start the outer part. First step was to make the pockets. I ironed the seam allowance on the opening curve and the top of the pocket.

Then I sewed it using my coverstitch.

Here is the backside.

Now to place the pockets on the jacket pieces. I laid them where they went, pinned them down, then did a straight stitch across the top and side of the pockets.

Now I sewed the back piece to the 2 front side pieces.

Then the bottom band was sewn on. My original idea was to use the side with the sweater weave on the outside for the bands, but decided to go with the smooth side out for the whole thing at the last minute.

Then it was time to add the zipper. I didn't get photos of this process because it took me a few tries to get it perfect. I had to make sure everything lined up when it was zipped up. And I had to remove some teeth from my zipper. It was quite an ordeal. But I kind of expected it since this was my first time to use a separating zipper. Now I know what to do.

After the zipper is on, then the second part of the left side is sewn on. Then it was ironed neatly - as shown in the photo below.

The seam was then topstitched down. I used my sewing machine with my walking foot to do this.

Then the band was sewn inside out along the zipper. See photo below.

Then the shoulders and neck were sewn together as was done for the lining earlier.

Then the hood was sewn together. Notice that I used my serger? I was getting more confident. And I didn't want my jacket to fall apart.

Then I sewed the lining to the outer jacket. I wished I would have gotten photos - you pull everything right side out through the armhole. After that, I was at a good stopping point and decided to put my jacket on my dress form to admire while I constructed the sleeves.

Here are my sleeves and cuffs.

I sewed the cuffs right side together.

Then I folded them in half. Here I didn't fold them all the way so you could see the difference in the texture on each side of my fabric.

Then I pinned the cuffs at the half way marks.

Then I sewed the seam of the sleeves.

I marked the halfway points on the sleeves, then matched them up with the cuffs and pinned everything in place.

Then serged them together.

Then I used my coverstitch to topstitch the seam.

I was supposed to sew the sleeves on, but decided that the following steps would be easier without the sleeves in the way. So I pinned my lining all the way around from the band up and around the hood.

Then I topstitched this using my sewing machine with the walking foot.

Here is the inside at the band. Here you see where I messed up a little and it didn't line up perfectly.

So now I was ready to add the sleeves. I put 2 notches on the front of the sleeves so I know which part goes where.

I turned the jacket inside out and put the sleeves right side out in the armhole. I pinned it in place and serged it together. And it was DONE!

Here is my finished hoodie.

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***Winner gets a copy of the Hoodie Pattern - either Adult or Child***

I hope you enjoyed my blog.


KZJO Studio - Rosaline

I've done a couple of pattern tests for KZJO Studio and have loved each pattern. So when Kaysie asked if anyone wanted to do a blog on Rosaline when it would be the featured pattern for the month of September, I had to volunteer. I had never made the Rosaline, so I was excited to try a new pattern.

 The Rosaline can be made as a dress or a top. It is on sale this month for $7.88. Buy it HERE.

I decided to make the top version. I had purchased this fabric from Riki Prints. It is named "El Grito" and is in celebration of Deiz y Seis de Septembre (September 16th) Mexico's Independence Day. So I needed to make this shirt so I could wear it on September 16th. This print is still available for $25/yard and will also be great to wear for Cinco de Mayo (May 5th).

Here are all my pieces cut out.

First, I sewed the front to the back at the shoulders.

Then I added the binding to the neck.

Then, I added the sleeves.

Then on to sew the side seams. Then to hem it and it's done.

Here is my finished top.

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