Zenith and Quasar Earth Day and March for Science

I'm super late putting this blog post together, but not too late. Zenith & Quasar has some amazing panels and prints at preorder specifically for Earth Day and for the March for Science. The March for Science will be held on Earth Day. Earth Day is on April 22 - for those that may not know.

Zenith & Quasar prints on Athletic Brushed Poly (ABP). It's super soft, breathable, and wicks away moisture. I love it! You can Order HERE. The preorder closes on February 28th (but may be extended to March 3 - MAYBE).

I especially love the "Science is not a liberal conspiracy" panel. Many going to the March for Science will be wearing brain hats - so there needed to be a brain panel too.  The Rainbow coordinate is so pretty too!

Then there are the Earth Day prints themselves - love these! I'll be making myself a shirt with each of these! The background on the panels is a recycled paper print and the designs have a vintage/weathered look to them.

I was sent the "Science is not a liberal conspiracy panel and the rainbow coordinate to sew for promotion. Here is what I made.

 I made the See Kate Sew Gwen top. It's been awhile since I made this pattern. I did make some modifications to the pattern this time around. For one, I made it a wide v-neck.

Here is the back. I added the color blocking to the upper back myself. 

I had a yard of the rainbow coordinate, so I made another top for myself with it. I did some color blocking to the Love Notions, Laundry Day Tee. I just love this pattern - and it's FREE!

I did do some inventive color blocking on this one and raised the neckline slightly.

I added a concave curve on the front and a concave curve on the back.

I also tried out the new black ABP - while I was at it. This is a little bit heavier than what was previously offered, so it doesn't drape as well as I would like. I'll still wear this top a lot though. But this ABP is the perfect weight for perfectly opaque leggings.

And I got them to match up *almost* perfectly at the side seam.

Then I was left with scraps. So I took my scraps and went to see if they looked good with any of my other Zenith & Quasar pretties. Lo and behold - they went amazing with the watercolor wildflowers. So I made my cousin's baby girl a little dress.

The pattern is the Beach Comber Dress from Fresh Stitch Patterns. This company closed not too long ago and their patterns are no longer available for sale.

Look at these amazing colors!

This little dress is so cute! I can't wait to see it on.

Don't miss out on these great prints and panels. There will be some retail, but retail at Zenith & Quasar often sells out in a few hours.

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Zenith and Quasar Math and Science

It's no secret that Zenith & Quasar is my favorite fabric group ever. This Round is so amazing! It's Math & Science and Woman empowering!

First I have to show you everything that's running.

These are the panels. The experiment panel features 4 women scientists: Chien-Shiung Wu, Lise Meitner, Irene Joliot-Curie, and Alice Ball.

 The Compute like a girl panel features 6 women who were the "women computers" of NASA. They are featured in the new movie "Hidden Figures".  Shown are: Dorothy Vaughan, Melba Roy, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, Annie Easley, and Christine Darden.

These are the 6 amazing prints. Many of these are by Robyriker - you can find many of her designs on Spoonflower.

I sewed up the Experiment like a girl panel and the teal science damask.

The colors are gorgeous and go great with my Teal heavyweight supplex Zen Pants (pattern by 5 out of 4).

I also got a printer error - a large scale of the grey science damask.

This turned out so cool - that it's also being offered in this scale.

Here is the correct scale of the grey science damask.

It has teal and lavender beakers and flasks.

Star Dust Textiles - Brushed Poly

Star Dust Textiles is now offering brushed poly! It's 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It's 200 - 220 gsm.

The first round is some previous prints that were very popular. The 2 prints I sewed up are inspired by the shows Firefly and Serenity.

The preorder closes on February 28th. Order HERE!

I used the Serenity print to make the Halla Hey Babie.

I love the fit of this top.

The Verse is a print I've always loved and I've made a couple different things in this print previously. But when you get it on brushed poly - you have to make leggings with it!

I love it with my Zenith & Quasar velvet Greenstyle Creations Laurel Tunic.

The colors are so vibrant!

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Greenstyle Creations Scarlet Swing Dress

The Scarlet Swing Dress from Greenstyle Creations is wonderful! I made 2 versions. I made the short hi-low hem dress and a tunic.

It's on sale for $8.50 - Buy it HERE!

Here is my dress. I made it with an ITY (interlock twist yarn) knit I purchased from Steve at Super Textiles.

I had to do some spinning around to show off the swing of the dress.

This dress is so easy and quick. And it's so comfortable to wear.

My versions are pretty simple - but there are options for "cold shoulder" and bell sleeves.

You can really see the high-low hem in this photo.

Here is the tunic version I made with a brushed poly from Sly Fox Fabrics.

I really, really love the tunic version. I'll probably make 100 more.

You will probably see me wear various versions of this top all year long.

But the best part of testing this pattern, was that my friend Sharon (Sweet Mama Sharon Blog) was also a tester for the Scarlet Swing Dress.  So we had to get together for photos.

These ended up being my favorites.

You see, Sharon and I met 2 years ago through Facebook when I was selling some fabric I had extra of. When I saw she lived near me, I refused to sell her my fabric.

Instead, I told her I'd take her to my secret place to buy some. Really, I was just taking her to the Dallas fabric district - which she, like many, didn't know existed.

And ever since, we regularly go fabric shopping together.

And sometimes we sew together.

The End!

EYMM Valentine Essentials Blog Tour

Make sure to visit all the stops on the Valentine Essentials Blog Tour! (Keep in mind that the links below won't work until their scheduled date.)
Feb. 3 - Sewing by Ti
Feb. 4 - Joelle at EYMM
Feb. 10 - Roundup at EYMM
During the tour, the Everyday Essentials pattern is on sale for half off! Use code VDAYTOUR on the EYMM site to save 50% on the Women's Everyday Essentials pattern until February 12 at 11:59pm PST.

I'm so happy to be apart of another EYMM blog tour. I've had the Everyday Essentials Set for awhile - and this gave me the push to go ahead and make it. Also - since this is for Valentine's and my husband is taking me away on a trip, I thought I'd make one that he might like on me. I get accused of dressing like a nun when I sleep  - so this is definitely not nun like.

I used a brushed nylon from Zenith and Quasar for mine. I was going to use it for the bands, but came across some galaxy print foldover elastic (FOE) that I thought would look really cute. I'm allergic to latex and can't wear elastic, but figured I probably won't actually wear this very long - if you catch my drift.

The pattern has many different options - bralette, slip, and different gown lengths.

 This pattern was easy to put together. The top has a hidden band to hold everything in place. The skirt portion was a little slim on me, and I'll probably make it fuller on my next one. I'll also just do a knit band instead of the FOE.

The crossover is not too revealing and would make a great summer tank. I made the shortest skirt length after the cami length. The length is perfect for me. Covers just enough.

I really like the coverage of the back - my bra I was wearing for the photos - peeked out just a little bit.

I took these photos after being sick for a few days - and my nose looked horrible from being snotty. So I decided to cut my head off in these.

If you are looking for a cute night gown, or even a casual summer top - this pattern is worth a try. I bought it to make some tops to wear with my pajama pants. Not that I see how easy the pattern is - I'll be making a few more for summer.

Halla Patterns - Hey Babie!

Halla Patterns are some of my favorites to make. The main reason is they have rulers on the pattern at the bust, waist, and hips - so it's so so easy to grade between sizes to get the perfect fit.

All patterns are on sale for 20% off with the code "MILKMAID"

When I first saw a teaser for the Hey Babie - I knew I was going to need this pattern. My cousin had a baby a few months ago and had been wanting some cute nursing tops. Her main complaint was that most nursing tops were also maternity tops. And who wants to wear a maternity top well after you had your baby? No one does! She really wanted something fitted - not like those other tops that had ruching and lots of extra fabric around the belly.

The Hey Babie was design specifically to be a cute nursing top - but you can make it to be non-nursing. The top is slightly fitted, and you can adjust the amount of ease you want using those handy dandy rulers on the pattern. The top includes options for a completely attached (no nursing) cami, a faux cami (front only), and a full (front and back) cami. You can also make it with no cami for a daring low scoop neckline.

Here's the first one I made.

I used a super soft French Terry that came from Wherehouse Fabric's remnant table. My friend Sharon and I split the huge remnant.

Since this one was the first one - it wasn't very pretty on the inside from me removing and reattaching the faux cami repeatedly (and I still need to take it out and replace it again to give me a better fit) that I kept it for myself.

Then I made this Hey Babie. The print was another remnant from Wherehouse Fabrics. I just love their $2.50/yard remnant tables.

The solid blue and pink are cotton lycra solids from Made Whimsy. The Made whimsy 12 oz solids are amazing!

This pattern has multiple sleeve lengths, and my cousin specifically asked for short sleeved - but the tester pattern originally only had the long sleeves. So I'm hoping she will enjoy this version for a little bit.

Then I made this Hey Babie - with short sleeves.

The print is Duchess from Made Whimsy.  It's so gorgeous!

I paired it with the Lilac 12 oz solid from Made Whimsy.

One Saturday morning, I was about to finish the top above when I lost power. So what's a girl to do? I decided to cut out another Hey Babie.

For this Hey Babie I used a print from RP Custom Prints.

The turquoise solid came from Wherehouse Fabric and was only $1/yard!

I really loved every top I made, but I did send 3 Hey Babies to my cousin. She did report back and let me know that she loved them and they fit her great.

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