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A Sparkly Baby - Woman's Palauchos

I bought the Woman's Palauchos pattern from A Sparkly Baby on Etsy during a Sale right before Christmas. I finally got around to printing it out and making a pair - then I quickly made another pair. I think I will be making many more and these will be a staple in my summer wardrobe.

First I made a pair with Boho Chic performance knit I ordered from Sugar Ink Fabric. Originally I was going to make leggings, but when I got the fabric in, I decided that something with more volume would show off the beautiful print better.

Then I decided to get my Botanist's Notebook print out from Zenith & Quasar and make another pair. This print is available for preorder through May 31st on brushed poly - and yes, I will be buying more. I made my palauchos with the original run of Botanist's notebook which was printed on a soft 2-way stretch poly lycra. I'm so excited that Lilly Himrod is rerunning it on brushed poly. Her brushed poly feels amazing and has great 4-way stretch.

The be…

KZJO Studio Pattern of the Month - the Mirabel

I love pattern testing for Kaysie of KZJO Studio. She recently did a pattern test for a robe and I was unable to test at the time. Lucky for me, it is the Pattern of the Month for May and is on Sale for $6.75. Buy it HERE.

The pattern is intended to be used with satin, silk, sateen, rayon challis, voile, french terry, waffle knit, chenille, cotton velour, and fleece.  All of which sound fabulous, but I had some cotton lycra knit that I thought would be perfect.

My fabric came from 3 Material Girlz. I sewed a strike off for it, and the scale was great and I had plans to make my self an awesome tunic with it when I ordered. My order came in and the scale was HUGE compared to the strike off I had been sent to sew. So it's been sitting on my shelf waiting for a project that would showcase the print properly. This print is still available to order HERE.

So, here I am in my robe.

This large print was perfect for this robe.

I love that the robe is designed so the belt ties are attached t…