George & Ginger Sincerely Sawyer Sweater

George & Ginger is turning TWO this week! And they're celebrating with five days of new patterns and sales! Today, It's kicking it off with a free pattern in collaboration with the amazing Sincerely Rylee Fabrics!
The Sincerely Sawyer Sweater features a sweet sleeve cutout and delicate tie for a unique look! With 3/4 length banded sleeves and flattering banded hem, this pattern is a quick sew with gorgeous results!
For info on the free code, stop by the G&G and Sincerely Rylee Facebook groups and grab half of the code from each group! And be sure to do some sweater knit fabric shopping on the Sincerely Rylee site during the Cyber Monday Sale! The Darcy pick boxes are AMAZING!
Happy Sewing!
SR Shop: (affiliate link)

The Sincerely Sawyer Sweater is so cute! And if you are not a fan of the cold shoulder cut-out, it's really simple to make one without it. I'll be sure to post one soon.

I made this Sincerely Sawyer Sweater with a gorgeous blue & white striped sweater knit from a Darcy pick box! It's so soft and just feels amazing!

I'm 5' tall and made the size 12 Sincerely Sawyer Sweater. I did not make any adjustments for the length - but I probably could have taken out an inch r 2, but prefer the baggier fit around my hips.

You can use a knit or woven for the ties on the Sincerely Sawyer Sweater. I found the ties were perfect to use those scraps of gorgeous woven that I can't bear to part with. This is a piece I picked up from Steve at Super Textiles. It was from the personal collection of Francis Malik. I have no idea if this was used in one of her collections or not - but it's a gorgeous floral print and Steve only had a piece about 24 " by 18". It was too gorgeous for me to pass up, but I had no idea what I'd ever use it for. I'm so glad it has a great spot in my wardrobe now.

I also made a Sincerely Sawyer Sweater with an Aztec like print sweater know that I can't recall where it came from. I used the same fabric for the ties on this one.

An important thing to note on wearing this top is that it is intended for the tie to have about 1.5 - 2" of strap on each side of the knot. This will keep the knot squarely on top of your shoulder covering your bra strap. If you tie it too tightly, leaving no space between the knot and the neckband piece, it will slide down your shoulder.

Be sure to check out the George & Ginger Facebook group all week for sales. 

Elephant House Fabrics Page Turner Round

Elephant House Fabrics is on their second round. This second round is Page Turners - so many classic book prints and book related prints. The round closes soon on November 26th! See all the prints and order HERE!

I was sent the Pemberly print. It's beautiful watercolor flowers on quotes from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

The Pemberly print has a soft cream background with light grey script writing with beautiful flowers in a watercolor design.

I made the Love Notions Tidal Top & Dress. I love this pattern and made this one slightly different by giving it a high-low hem.

This round closes very soon! Be sure to give Elephant House Fabrics a look.

Little Roots Fabrics Round 9 Hipster Hippy

Little Roots Fabrics prints in the US using organic inks. Stocks stash staple fabrics made with US grown cotton and milled here in the US. They have a tree planted in Colorado for every order placed through One Tree Planted. So, it was only a matter of time before they offered a "crunchy" momma themed print.

Say "Hello" to the Hipster Hippy print. This print is beautifully done and shows many things associated with "crunchy" moms - essential oils, herbal teas, healthy fruits & veggies, clay masks and lotions, local honey, etc.

There are also some pretty cool panels available too. This one seemed to look just like me - so it seemed destined that I should have it. There are 6 panels to choose from. Please, whatever you do - check out the bathtub panels. Just trust me. You can find them here.

This cotton lycra is so soft and makes great leggings. I decided I needed a top to match using the panel to have as a lounge/sleep set. The panel does say "dream" after all.

I used the Duck Butt Designs BLAST for the top and the Long Leg Runners for the leggings. I love both of these patterns. Don't let the name long leg runners fool you - I have neither long legs nor do I run, but this is a great leggings pattern. I do take about 4 inches out of the length to fit my short stubby legs.

The BLAST worked perfect with the panel it was just the right height and for my size 12 - just at the right width. I used a ribknit for the neck bands and it worked perfectly.

There are also some other great prints in this preorder that are great for kids - police, music, and zoo themed prints. Be sure to check those out. The preorder closes on December 1st!. Order at

Cuddle Muffins #GirlBoss

Cuddle Muffins has yet another round with a gorgeous stripe that I just had to sew up. This round is #GirlBoss and has some fun prints and two gorgeous stripes. All prints are available on bamboo lycra (shown here) and cotton lycra. The preorder closes on November 30th. Order HERE!

I was sent the Genuine stripe. The bamboo lycra is so lush and soft. It has a dreamy drape perfect for a loose and flowy top.

I decided to make the Love Notions Tidal Top & Dress.  I always make mine with the center back seam so I can do a swayback adjustment. I often remove length from my tops due to my 5' height, but I leave this one as-is and like it this length.

I had just a little over a yard of the Genuine stripes. So I played pattern tetris and found I could fit all the pieces onto my cut if I cut the front piece perpendicular to the selvedge. I have to admit, I love the look of the vertical Genuine stripes in the front.

Plus, I didn't have to worry about matching the Genuine stripes on the front. I was also able to get 3/4 length sleeves - which is my favorite length as I find I can wear it year round.

Be sure to check out all the gorgeous prints available in the #GirlBoss round at The preorder closes on November 30th!

Duck Butt Designs Edwina

I enjoy testing for Katie at Duck Butt Designs. I didn't even see her announce the pattern test for this hoodie, but she had some slacker testers and needed a few more testers and I jumped in to help.

It was also perfect timing, because I just received some awesome samples from Sew Big Fabrics that when I got them, I thought they would be cute as a hoodie. The hoodie did not have a name until right before releasing - Edwina.

Because, who wouldn't want a red llama hoodie? This fabric is currently at preorder through  November 18th!

The Edwina has a generous sized hood and pockets!

The hood is a great size. I really love the button placket on the Edwina- it makes it easy to put on and take off.

Super awkward pose to show you the really cool thumb hole cuffs. This also shows my buttons well. I had these button in my stash and thought they were super cute with this fabric.

If you are looking for a great hoodie for winter - try the Edwina.  There's even a kid's version - Ed.

Cuddle Muffins BeeLoved Flash Round Preorder

Cuddle Muffins has an awesome Flash Round at Preorder - BeeLoved. There are so many bee themed prints. See them all HERE! All prints are available on cotton lycra and bamboo lycra. The preorder closes on November 14th!

I was sent the My BeeLoved Stripe. It's gorgeous with stripes of some of the other prints in the collection. Can you see the two designs with a honeycomb pattern?

I was sent just a fat half of the My BeeLoved Stripe fabric. A fat half is 36 inches by 30 inches. So I had to get inventive. This stripe seemed perfect for a cardigan, so I decided to use it for the sleeves and do a bit of applique.

I used the Everything Your Momma Made Four Seasons Cardigan as my base pattern. First I cut the back and front from a lightweight french terry I picked up at Golden D'or for $1/yard during an inventory sale. I then cut out the sleeves from the My BeeLoved Stripe. I decided to applique the upper back. Since this is a Bee themed round and the My BeeLoved Stripe contained some honeycomb designs, I decided to put a hexagon on the back. I found a hexagon pattern and printed it out so that it covered most of the upper back.

I carried the hexagon shape to the front of the cardigan as well. I cut my front pieces about 5 inches narrower than the pattern call for. This was because I decided to keep my fabric use to only the length of the pieces. So after the back was cut, I then cut both fronts from the remaining fabric next to the back. I then cut two hexagons from the My BeeLoved Stripe to fit around the front armscye. With the lay of the collar, it's hard to see the shape of the My BeeLoved Stripe applique on the front.

I sewed the edge of my appliques down using a leaf pattern stitch on my sewing machine with a pink thread that matched the pink in the My BeeLoved Stripe. I finished the cardigan by topstitching only the back neckline and adding cuffs to the sleeves. I left the edges of the french terry raw.

I love how my Four Seasons Cardigan came out! I can see me wearing this a lot all year round.

Bee sure to check out all the beautiful prints in the Flash Round. They are not to Bee missed.

#5oo4SewPinspired Contest!

 5 out of 4 Patterns is have a contest and sale. Read about the contest HERE! Originally, I wasn't  going to enter, but my friend Sharon (Sweet Mama Sharon) asked me if I was entering. I know Sharon would love to enter and win the Grand Prize Coverstitch, but she's currently pregnant and due in just 2 short months with baby #5! So I decided to enter for her. If I win, she gets the coverstitch. I told Sharon to find me some pins and I would make items to enter. I found a few myself, and have a few more I'll try to make before the contest ends.

There's also a SALE! If you are interested in these patterns, you can get them for 20% off with the code "sewpinspired" through November 17th!

I really needed a few solid colored tunis for fall. So I began by looking on Pinterest for tops made with the fabrics I had on hand. A search for grey sweater knit top. Got me the pinspiration on the left and my version on the right.

 I used the Weekender Tunic to recreate this look. I am likely to never wear it with the front tucked in, but Sharon told me I had to to match the pinspiration. I just happened to have a similar necklace as the pinspiration too. I will get a lot of wear out of this top this winter.

I used the Weekender Tunic again to recreate this navy blue top on the left with some thermal knit from my stash (my version on the right). I just love thermal knits for their cozy warmth.

I did make mine slightly different by giving it a high-low hem.

I then looked for pinspiration for an olive sweater knit in my stash and found the top on the left. My version on the right. Again, I used the Weekender Tunic to recreate the look.

I did a high-low hem to mimic the pinspiration. I'm not to sure about the pocket - so it's only tacked on. I may decide to ditch it.

Next up is this floral raglan inspiration on the left. My version made with super soft french terry from Sincerely Rylee on the right. I used the Nancy Raglan for recreating this look.

It's hard to see the curved hem on my top - but it's there! I also did the neck with a binding to look a bit more like the pinspiration.

I then used the Nancy Raglan to make a fun owl themed shirt. Of course the pinspiration happened to be a kids shirt, but I'm okay with that. I think mine is way cuter.

I've had the sleeve fabric for awhile. I got it from Pink Zeppelin fabrics and thought it was so cute and perfect for fall.

The owl is an HTV design I cut and weeded while on vacation. It happened to go great with the print. I really love how it pops on this turquoise cotton lycra.

My last two Pinspirations are made using the Ninja Pants pattern. This pattern is free with a code from the Facebook Group.  Distressed jeggings are very popular - so I had to recreate 2 pairs, a burgundy red (mine really are more burgundy in real life) and a blue denim pair.

I got both of these distresses knit from Milly Mae Fabrics.

So wish me luck that I win the coverstitch for my sweet friend Sharon.

Hey June Aurora Tee

It's been over a year since I've made the Hey June Aurora Tee. I kind of forgot I even had it. I was thumbing through a box of patterns trying to decide on one to use with some fabric from Made Whimsy and an HTV design I had, when I stumbled across it. I loved the one I made before, so I'm not sure why this pattern hasn't found its way into my sewing more often.

First, let's talk about this HTV design. This is one of the 40 or so I took with me on vacation to weed. When I cut the files before I left, I pretty much just randomly picked colors for each design with no real intent on what I'd use the design for at a later date. I love to read and really loved this cut file. It really gets down to why I love to read. You really can lose yourself in them, lose track of time and place. I always find that I can relate to a character in any book and feel like I'm part of the story.

So it was a happy coincidence that I cut this design out on a brown HTV. It also was a complete coincidence that the heathered oatmeal solid from Made Whimsy perfectly matched the book print from the Made Whimsy Game of Thrones inspired preorder a few months ago. I'm not a fan of Game of Thrones (I've never watched it), but I do love books and this print was perfect for me.

I love how my Aurora Tee came out. The top was perfect for my HTV design and was great for showing off the book print too. I need to remember to use this pattern more.

Shwin Designs Carolina Tee and Hamburg Dolman

Made Whimsy began selling some beautiful heathered cotton lycra solids. Mandy is so sweet and sent me a remnant of each color when I ordered the heathered olive. I sewed them up right away and have been slowly adding them to my blog.

I bought the Shwin Designs Carolina Tee a long while back. I loved the unique look of the curved sides and hem. But my first attempt at this pattern was disastrous. But I did learn a lot from my first attempt - namely that i really had to take length out of the body so that the waist would hit me in the right spot. I cut into the heathered merlot from Made Whimsy and my Piccadilly Paisley Girls Red.

I took out length and graded out the pattern a bit for my shape. This one fits way better, but it's still not a great fit on me.  I'm thinking this just isn't the style of top of a middle aged woman with a poochy belly. But I'm still going to wear this - probably a lot - just because I love this fabric. I do think if I ever try this pattern again, I'll do a seam down the center back to do a sway back adjustment. I do think that would help the fit a lot.

I also decided to make one of my favorite Shwin Designs patterns - the Hamburg Dolman. For this one I cut into the heathered blue from Made Whimsy and a thin french terry from So Sew English

I love the Hamburg dolman and this one is so comfy and cozy.

I also decided to use this HTV design I cut using a file from Thread & Grain.

Be sure to check out Made Whimsy for cotton lycra solids and now beautiful heathered colors for amazing coordinates. 

Fabric Anthropology

Fabric Anthropology has me as a guest seamstress for their current round at preorder. This round has anti-heros, city stripes, and bold watercolors. All prints are available on cotton lycra, brushed poly, and french terry. The preorder closes on November 10th. 
Order at

I was sent the yellow watercolor brushed poly. It's gorgeous and so soft!

This yellow is so bold and has some great color variation in the watercolor design. Normally, I'd want a beautiful yellow like this for spring, but I happen to have this cool fall leaves cotton lycra that had lots of bright yellow leaves.

I knew I had to make the Halla Patterns Cozy Wrap Cardigan. The Cozy Wrap Cardigan body can be made out of 1 yard of fabric - which is exactly how much of the Yellow Watercolor Solid I had.

The brushed poly is so soft and warmer than cotton lycra making it perfect for a fall top. Fabric Anthropology has this watercolor in yellow, purple, blue, green, orange, and pink. 

The watercolor solids are great coordinates and make for an interesting solid. Check out all the other watercolor solids and other great prints at Fabric Anthropology

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