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Little Roots Fabrics

I've blogged about Little Roots Fabrics before. They are a new group that's been working out some kinks to ensure they are bringing the very best fabric that they can - and I think they finally did it.

Little Roots Fabrics is based on creating a custom knit fabric with as little environmental impact as possible. And that's something I can really appreciate.
How are they doing this? Well, they are sourcing USA grown cotton, having it knitted here in the USA, and it's being printed in the USA using no harsh chemicals. This gives you a product that is truly made in the USA through and through.  
Doing all this, does come at a cost. The preorder pricing is $26.50/yard. This is higher than imported custom fabrics, but you have to understand that material and labor costs in the USA are higher than in other countries.
You can view the prints offered and order at The pre-order is open through February 18th.
I wa…

5 out of 4 Zen Pants


The newest release from 5 out of 4 Patterns is just amazing! The Zen Pants are so comfortable and can easily be dressed up or down when made with the right materials. The pattern is on sale for $7.95 through January 31st!

All my Zen Pants were made with Supplex from Zenith and Quasar Fabrics. Use the code "Supplexlove" for 10% off!

This version is the Heavyweight Teal.

Pockets on the front and back are just perfect!

I also got adventurous and used rivets on the pockets. They give such a nice finish!

I actually wore the outfit above to work and was so comfortable all day.

I made this pair with a lavender supplex that is no longer in stock.

I found this top I made with fabric from Little Roots Fabric (which is the only custom knit group to use domestically made cotton lycra and is domestically printed) that went perfectly with my pants.

Designer Stitch Patterns Bridget Top

This is my second time testing for Ann Grose of Designer Stitch. The top I tested this time around is the Bridget - and is she gorgeous!

The Bridget is a woven top that is slightly fitted, has two hem lengths, two neckline options, a back zipper, and soooo many different sleeves to choose from.

This is the low hip length with around neck and long sleeves with a spiral cuff.

My fabric is a rayon poly blend from C&C fabric in Dallas, Texas. It was on their $2/yard sale table and was perfect for this blouse.

The Bridget has bust darts, shoulder darts, and waistline darts to give shaping.

The round neck is flattering and gives great modest coverage.

The spiral sleeves are such a unique look and help this top stand out.

The style of the Bridget can be dressed up for a night out, paired with slacks or skirt for the office, and paired with jeans for a more casual yet chic look.

Many thanks to my photographer, Bryan Zumbar, for taking these photos in downtown McKinney.

If you enjoyed my…

100 Item Sewing Challenge

Last year I challenged myself to make 100 items to giveaway. These were items I was sewing and donating to various charity auction - and I did it! I actually made over my goal of 100! This year I'm going to take it a little slower and will still attempt to make 100 items this year, but I'm not setting a specific goal for how many I want to give away.

This year a new Facebook Group has formed that will help me meet this goal - and maybe win some prizes. It's the 2017 - 100 items sewing challenge!

First - take a look at all these sponsors!

And the list is growing! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor - message the admin - Aimee Swan.

Here are the details of the challenge...

You must create 8 items per month to be entered into the monthly prize drawingsYou must make the goal of 100 for the year - for a chance at the grand prize in DecemberYou can join in at any time - eligible for each month you participateTo help you reach your goal, there will be 6 sew-alongs and disc…

Itch to Stitch Paro Cardigan

Kennis Wong of Itch to Stitch designs patterns that I find myself making over and over again. Her latest pattern is no exception. I love cardigans - especially in the spring and summer when it can be freezing in the building I work in. The Paro Cardigan is just perfect and will be a staple in my wardrobe.

The Paro Cardigan is on Sale for $8. The cardigan is designed for 2-way stretch knits with 25% stretch. The cardigan features a waistband and neckband that can be made in a contrasting fabric.

I always make a muslin of any pattern just as it's drafted - not making any adjustments to account for my short stature. I made my muslin using an interesting knit I got for $1/yard at Golden D'or.

The weather in Texas has been pretty wild lately and it was unbelievably windy the day I tried to get these photos. I had not added a button to this cardigan when I took these photos.

I love that this cardigan looks great open and loose for a more casual look.

The pleats in the front and back…

Halla Patterns Peasant Top and Dolman

I recently tested 2 patterns for Halla Patterns.

First was the Boho Peasant Top.

I love this top - it's a relaxed fit knit top that's a raglan style, but with a gathered neckline and a knit band.

My friend Bryan took these great photos of me in the Boho Peasant Top.

This bokeh print was a remnant I purchased at Wherehouse Fabrics. The green band is cotton lycra from Made Whimsy.

This one is also a remnant from Wherehouse Fabrics.  The band on this one is Brown Supplex from Zenith & Quasar.

The send pattern I tested was for the Slim Fit Dolman. Love this top!

The peacock feather print is from Pink Zeppelin Fabrics.

The Slim Fit Dolman is FREE with a code in the Facebook Group.

I love Halla Patterns and highly suggest giving them a try.

Moon Beam Textile Company - Blood Shed Round

The Blood Shed Round at Moon Beam Textiles is for fans of Dead Pool and Zombies. It's all bloody.

The naughty panels are sold in sets of 3. I got one from the Dead Pool set and one from the zombie set.

The preorder is open through January 21st. Order at

I made a pair of the Stitch Upon A TimeScrundlewear with parts of both panels (I'll explain in a bit).

Here is is the backside. I have not seen the movie Dead Pool - so I have no idea what this is about!

I also made a beanie with some of both panels. I'll explain this further down.

I figured "Aim for the Head" was perfect for a beanie hat.

Due to the size of the naughty panel, for the beanie - I had to cut out half from one panel and half from the other panel. The beanie is reversible and the pattern piece was too tall to cut 2 out of the panel's height. That still left me with enough from both panels combined to make the panties.  So one naughty panel al…

Firenza Irresistible Baking Mixes Gingerbread Mix

I was put on a diet that eliminates most gluten. So I have been trying lots of gluten free mixes.

So far, my favorite is this Gingerbread mix from Firenza. You can use it to make a cake, cookies, or muffins. 

Here is the box with my ingredients in the background. I was making the cup cakes.

I had to add 2 eggs, some oil, and milk. I also can't have milk, so I added lactose free milk instead. I used coconut oil for the oil.

My raw dough ready to go in the oven. The dough is fairly runny and was easy to pour into the cupcake/muffin pan.

Here is the side of the box showing the nutritional information. It shows 10 servings, but I made 12 cupcakes.

Here are the instructions on the box.

The instructions for cookies.

Here are my cupcakes right out of the oven. I was very impressed with how much they rose. I had tried another mix that resulted in hockey puck like muffins.

These also tasted amazing. They were very moist and had a great flavor.

I purchased this mix at Kroger when I found…