The Fabric Geeks Mix #1

The Fabric Geeks has a fun round full of a mix of prints - hence the name Mix #1.  They are located in Canada, but have very reasonable shipping rates to the US. And Canadians are invoiced in Canadian dollars while Americans order in US dollars from the website

CAD - https://goo.gl/forms/mNc983QXoAYesumV2

I was sent 3 prints to sew up. They were all equally gorgeous.  First up is Gothic Embroidery.  

I made the Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart Peplum. I thought this gorgeous embroidery design print needed some lace with it.

I did lace sleeves and did lace shoulder accents as well.

Look at these gorgeous details!

The humming bird is so pretty! This print is available on cotton lycra (shown here) and double brushed poly.

Next is the Geo Succulents. I kinda have a thing for succulents - so I was so excited to get this print.

I was sent a fat half of the succulents and decided to make the Shwin Designs Carolina Tee.  If you remember a previous post - I've been trying to get the perfect fit on this top - and think I finally have it! Or at least pretty darn close.

I ended up removing 4" from the length! I'm 5' tall and typically only remove 2" - if any. And I think I'm going to remove another 1.5" when I make another one.

The last print I was sent to sew up was the Dreamland Foxes. These sleeping foxes are gorgeous in an embroidery design. This print is available on cotton lycra (shown here), double brushed poly, and cotton woven.

I made the Hornpipe Vest by Hot Patterns. This is free on the Fabric.com website.

The pattern is made for wovens, so I made the smallest size to get a good fit in the stretchy cotton lycra. I also removed 1" from the length of the pattern to get it to fit the amount of fabric I had. I had a fat half of the foxes.

I love how my vest turned out! I used some wood buttons on my vest that have 9 holes! I sewed the buttons on by hand using olive embroidery floss. I think they add a nice decorative touch.

Look at the beautiful details in these foxes! They are so gorgeous!

This preorder closes on February 9th. There are so many great prints this round - so be sure to check out the entire line up.

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Rheumatoid Awareness Day #Rheum #RedefiningRA

Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day - February 2

February 2 marks Rheumatoid Awareness Day. As you may know from previous posts - I suffer from Rheumatoid Disease (Arthritis). As an RA Patient Ambassador, I was asked to write a blog post about "What Would You Like People to Be Aware of #Rheum."

I'm writing this post while in the midst of a "Flare".  So I'm thinking that it might be appropriate to let people know what that means. The answer though will vary from person to person affected by Rheumatoid Disease - so my answer may not be like anyone else's answer. That is because Rheumatoid Disease can affect each person differently. The graphic below gives a little information on what Rheumatoid Disease is.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Information - What is Rheumatoid Disease?

Did you read bullet 3 in that graphic? That's me right now. My flare's always start with a fever. Usually a low grade fever. That's typically day #1.

See the source image

Then I have joint pain. My joint pain is fairly localized to a few areas. Generally I always have some degree of pain, stiffness, and swelling in my shoulders and hips. During a flare, my knees, feet, hands, and ribs will ache - and not always all of then, and sometimes it might me something odd. In one quite aggressive flare my jaw was affected.

See the source image

One type of joint pain I get frequently is referred to as Costochondritis. I find this one to be the most aggravating to me. It hurts to breathe deeply, hurts when you cough, hurts to move your torso, and worst of all - hurts to wear a bra. And it's not really socially acceptable to go running around without a bra on.

See the source image

The fatigue is horrible during a flare. I'm the absolute worst about actually getting rest during a flare. I work full time and I'm one of those dedicated people that will work a full day every day no matter what. Thankfully, I am allowed to work from home when I need to during a flare or other medical reason. I did take off early one day to get rest and ended up taking a 4 hour nap!

See the source image

I think the most important thing for people to know, is that Rheumatoid Disease is more than just joint pain and "arthritis". My eyes have been affected. My lungs have nodules from it. My liver has nodules and cysts from it. My kidneys have nodules and cysts from it. It's easy to see how joints are affected during a flare - they can be red and swollen or just tender. But, I can't see how a flare is affecting the organs inside my body.

See the source image

Unfortunately, there's no way to know when a flare starts, how long it's going to last. For me they usually are a week or less, but I've had a few that were closer to 2 weeks.

I hope I've given you a little insight into what a flare is and that you know a little more about what Rheumatoid Disease is.

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George + Ginger Pattern Co. RuLo

George + Ginger Pattern Company just released their first pattern of the year - RuLo. I love it! There are so many options and I can not wait to try them all. It's on sale for a limited time for $6.75

There are multiple lengths: crop, shirt, tunic, and dress. Then there are sooo many sleeve options: ruffle, bell, and tiered bells.  And I almost forgot - a Dolman style version.

For the pattern test, I was assigned to do the shirt length ruffle sleeve. I'll admit that when I first saw the line drawings, the ruffle sleeve was my least favorite. The bell sleeves all looked amazing! After I made the ruffle sleeve, I was in love!

The ruffle is fun and adds a feminine touch.

I love all the ease in the RuLo - it's so comfortable to wear and hides my belly.

Sewing Tip #1 - If doing the ruffle sleeve, pick a fabric with a backside that is indistinguishable from the front. The back of the ruffle will be seen depending on how it hangs and moves with you.

Sewing Tip #2 - Don't be Aimee. Use the same color thread on the top and bottom when hemming your ruffle. The backside of the ruffle will be seen - see Sewing Tip #1.

I love the scoop neckline. It's modest, yet open enough that it's not too modest. The Dolman version has a much wider neckline.

I've made 2 RuLo's since I wrote this post. I made a dolman and a bell sleeve. I'll add photos soon.

 This is the Dolman version. I made the neckline narrower by 1" and it's still a bit wider than I want. It's intended to be a slouchy off the shoulder style, but this old lady can't pull that style off any more.

I do love the relaxed fit, but might try a size or two down on my next one. But it worked great for this funky fabric - it's like a reversed french terry with a pattern on it.

It was a bit more challenging trying to shorten the dolman sleeve enough so that I didn't lose a lot of the bell. I didn't take any length out of the bell and hemmed it 1". I'm not sure exactly how much I removed from the body as I did some manipulating of the pattern.

This is the regular body with the plain bell sleeve.

I am so in love with this version. Not sure if it's the pattern or the plaid sweater knit - or a combination of the two. This one is going to get worn all the time!

And check out the perfect pattern matching I did!

I've never been a big fan of plaid - but now, I'm thinking I need more!

I made these to take with me to New York City for Fashion Week next month where I'll see George + Ginger's show and finally meet the designer in person - along with several other friends I've made in the online sewing community.

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Halla Patterns Stella Pullover

The Stella Pullover from Halla Patterns is HERE! I've been dying to share photos of mine, because I'm seriously in love with it! Like all Halla Patterns - it is full of options. There's a hooded version, different lengths, and pocket options.

I'm going to show you photos of the second Stella Pullover I made. I plan to make more, but need more time. I'm showing this one first because, it is my favorite. I've already worn it twice and I just finished about 10 days ago.

I made this Stella Pullover with a plush brown heathered french terry. I got this from a fellow seamstress in the DFW Sewing Group. Brown is one of my favorite colors. I've actually avoided making things with brown fabric the past 2 years because my husband said all I wore was brown.

One of my favorite features of the Stella Pullover is the split cowl. There are two ways to do the split. I really love it sewn into the neckline like I did on this one.

My other favorite feature is the scoop pockets. This is the short version of the top - which you are not supposed to use the scoop pocket on. The pockets are designed to be lower. But I'm a rebel and decided to just raise the pocket placement. I'm short and I think it works for me.

Here is my first Stella Pullover. This one is made with a pomegranate design european print. I happened to have these red and teal stripes that looked awesome with this print. In my mind I pictured the bands to look really cool in a stripe - and I think I was right!

In this Stella Pullover, I sewed the cowl so that it snaps along the shoulder seam. I'm really tempted to do snaps all the way along the band of the split cowl to allow me to wear it as a regular cowl neck on colder days.

This was an early version of the pattern and the shorter cut line was quite a bit longer. I also did not do pockets on this one and in hindsight - I should of since everything is better with pockets.

I'm going to be wearing the heck out of the Stella Pullover until it warms up this spring. I already have some more french terry earmarked to make another.

Grab the Stella Pullover from Halla Patterns while it's on sale. It's on sale for $7.95 and you can use the code STELLA for 22% off all pdf patterns through January 24th at 11:59 pm PST. You won't regret it!

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Made Whimsy Mambo Round

The Mambo Round at Made Whimsy Fabric is for any Dirty Dancing fan. There are several panels and two prints that are full of iconic scenes from the movie.  The prints are available on cotton lycra, double brushed poly (DBP), and canvas. The preorder is open through January 16th! Layaway is available on order over $50 with the code Mambo50 - that reduces the total by 50%. The remaining balance will be invoiced through PayPal on January 31st!

I was sent the DBP of the Mambo Dancers on Pink, Mambo Stripes, and the Mambo Lift Panel.

I decided to make the George & Ginger Thankful Top and Lovesick Bralette with the Mambo Dancers on Pink and the Mambo Stripes. I thought it would give an 80's dancer vibe. 

Both of these pattern are free in the files section of the George & Ginger Facebook Group. This was my first time making the Thankful Top and I'll definitely be making more!

This top has a couple of options and can be made to be worn with the v in front or back. Since I did a high-lo hemline - it can only be worn with the v in back.

The Mambo Lift Panel image has been updated. The image on the print will be updated as well. The sample version printed that I'm showing you looks like Johnny's hands are under Baby's dress. The revised image now shows the fold of the fabric better and you see a smidge of his hand now on her waist.

The Mambo Lift Panel details are so cool! The background of the panel has the lyrics to (I've had) The Time of My Life.

The panel image fit perfectly on this Halla Patterns Soho Top. This is the plain raglan version.

This was the perfect pattern for me to use the other prints as well. The Mambo Stripes are so cool by themselves too. I was so tempted to sew them up with some pink velvet I have.

 I love how both my tops came out! The brushed poly is so soft and cozy and the prints are just so fun to look at and reminisce while singing old 80's love songs in my head.

So don't mind me - I'm about to go lounge on the bed in my Thankful Top and some leggings and watch Dirty Dancing. I probably haven't watched it since high school! So - if you have Amazon Prime - you can stream it for free. You can thank me later.

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Elephant House Fabrics Tessellation Wars

Elephant House Fabrics newest round is Tessellation Wars. I've always loved tessellation designs. I find them so fun and unique. These are all inspired by characters from Star Wars. The prints are available on cotton lycra, cotton woven, and french terry. The preorder is open through January 28th.

I was sent Empire OG and We're Doomed prints. When I saw these previewed, I knew they would make great boxer briefs for my son.

I used the Stitch Upon a Time Boxerwear pattern. Look at all the cool little details in these prints.

I had some fabric left over after making the boxer briefs and made a matching Scrundlewear pair (pattern is also from Stitch Upon a Time). This is the Empire OG print below.

This set is made with the We're Doomed print.

For the Scrundlewear, I made the boyshort version and did slimmer leg bands.

Be sure to check out all the Tessellation Wars designs on the Elephant House Fabrics website HERE. Join the Elephant House Fabrics Facebook Group HERE to stay up to date on what they have to offer next.

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