Itch to Stitch Bellavista Top

I think this may be my favorite pattern ever from Kennis Wong at Itch to Stitch. This is the Bellavista Top and it's amazing!

There are 2 sleeve options and 2 neckline options. I made the 3/4 flared sleeves and the cowl neck. The other options are long sleeves and a banded neckline.

The Bellavista Top is perfect for sweater knit. I picked up this sweater knit from the remnant bin at Wherehouse Fabric Outlet for $2.50/yard. This was a HUGE remnant and I had plenty left over to pass on to my friend Sharon and she made a top with it too.

I love all my sewing friends and happen to test this pattern with Sneha - so we had to do some photos together. You can find Sneha at Sewing Curves. She will have a blog post on the Bellavista Top too.

I loved the Bellavista Top so much that I made 3 during testing. I made this one with a gorgeous scallop design sweater knit from Super Textiles. This was $4/yard and is a fabric that I have loved since I bought a small remnant there last year. I was thrilled when I went recently and Steve has an entire bolt of this fabric. If you know me IRL - you've probably seen me wear a top with this print for the sleeves.

The relaxed fit of the Bellavista Top is so nice and comfortable. I did not remove any length from the pattern bodice for my height and love this length. I did remove 1.5" from the sleeve length.

My third Bellavista Top is another sweater knit from the Dallas Fabric District. I bought this fabric about 2 years ago from Golden D'or during an inventory sale for $1/yard.

I absolutely love the big drapey cowl on the Bellavista. It's perfect for fall and winter. Maybe when it warms up, I'll make a few with a banded neckline.

I'm hoping to play around with the Bellavista Top pattern soon and make a tunic version. I think it would be super cute with some leggings. This top is so flattering and versatile, I definitely recommend buying it during the release sale. I think you'll love it as much as I do.

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