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Ellie & Mac Be Confident Update!

I love a good tunic, because I tend to wear leggings whenever I'm working from home and on the weekends. I especially love wearing tunic that have a high-low hemline. I love the shorter front to show off more of the fun print of my leggings, but enjoy the extra coverage on my rear (where I need it). I was excited to hear that the Ellie & MacBe Confident pattern was being updated and signed up immediately to test the revisions.

I compared my original Be Confident pattern pieces to the newly revised pieces. I found that the shape of the high-low skirt had been modified. It now has a more gentle slope from the front to the back.

The length of the tunic length skirt was not changed much - it is just a tiny bit shorter. I'm 5' tall and did not remove any length from the skirt. I did remove length from the bodice.

The Be Confident does have a full circle skirt. Which means it is perfect for doing some twirling!

As an adult, I think we forgot how fun it can be to let loose an…

Elephant House Fabrics Holiday TV Specials

Elephant House Fabrics always seems to have the most amazing coordinates to go with all their fun prints. The Elephant House Fabrics spin on holiday prints is awesome - there are prints inspired by two of my favorite animated shows - The Simpsons and Futurama.

As much as I loved those prints, what really caught my eye was this Green Sequins Print.

Green is my favorite color and I do like shiny sparkly things. I may look like I'm covered in Green Sequins, but I'm not! This knit fabric is printed to look like a million shiny sequins are covering it.

These Green Sequins are perfect to make your holiday outfit this year. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to be wearing this everywhere - dinner out, work, the grocery store, everywhere!

 I used the Bella Sunshine DesignsLadies Sahara pdf pattern for my top.

The Ladies Sahara has this low back that makes me feel - oh so  fancy!

 I made the peplum version of the Ladies Sahara, but it also has a dress option as well.

The bodice of t…

Duck Butt Designs Carol's Favorite Tee

I recently got two of these cool cactus panels from Nature's Fabrics. Each panel is 25 inches wide by 30 inches tall. I got 2 so I could have the cactus design on the front and back of a top. Panels are 50% off through August 14th! I also got this Ocean cotton interlock to coordinate with it.

I made the Duck Butt DesignsCarol's Favorite Top (CFT). I love this pattern for using two different fabrics. I feel like the color blocking is sophisticated. The CFT is perfect for wearing to work as it's modest and looks great under a cardigan or jacket.

Since I'm trying to get into the groove of making items for my fall wardrobe, I did 3/4 length sleeves.

The cotton interlock has great stretch and worked great for binding the back neckline.

I think the CFT was perfect for showing off the cactus design of these panels. These panelsare Organic Cotton/Spandex Jersey and are 92% Organic Cotton and 8% Spandex. The tallest cactus on it is 14". 

I can't wait for the color weat…

Ellie and Mac Cold Shoulder Top

Ellie and Mac has a new release that is perfect for transitioning into fall - the Women's Cold Shoulder pattern. It has multiple sleeve lengths and a side cinched tunic version. I made the banded top version with 3/4 length sleeves.

I made this Women's Cold Shoulder top with a ribbed sweater knit. Green is my favorite color and this green matched one of my favorite bralettes perfectly.

I did not remove length from the top for my short height. I love the slouchy and comfortable fit of the Women's Cold Shoulder top.

I'm wearing my Women's Cold Shoulder top with my Palazzo Pants in these photos, but think as the weather cools down, I'll pair it with some skinny jeans and boots.

The cold shoulder detail is really cute, but can make it hard to hide bra straps. I think it looks super cute with the bralette though. Hopefully I'm not too old to pull off this look.

Here's a view of the back. The neckline and sleeves are finished with a binding. This can be a lit…

Duck Butt Designs Anna Top

Sometimes I love to grab a quick and simple pattern for instant gratification. The Duck Butt DesignsAnna Top was the perfect pattern to give me that instant gratification on Sunday. My mom and mother-in-law were visiting and as soon as they left, I had laundry to do. With company over I had not had a chance to touch my sewing machine and was dying to sew up a top to go with a pair of pants I made recently. So between loads of laundry, I was able to whip up a Anna Top.

This was my first time making the Anna Top. I bought the Anna Top pattern right when it came out. My primary reason to buy it, was that it came with leggings. Duck Butt Designs patterns always fit me great and I knew their leggings would too. I've made them several time, but had yet to make the Anna Top.

I have a horrible habit of buying patterns and never making them. I printed out the Anna last week with the intent to make it soon using this gorgeous bamboo lycra from Sew Big Fabrics. I received this print in the m…

Ellie and Mac Women's Shark Bite Top

I love Wacky Wednesdays at Ellie and Mac! There is always a great selection of patterns that are marked down to only $1 for Wednesday only. This week, the Women's Shark Bite Top is part of the Wacky Wednesday Sale!

The Shark Bite Top is awesome! I love the hemline - it adds interest and a bit of flair!

I made this one with an ITY (interlock twist yarn) knit that I got from Wherehouse Fabrics.

I'm 5' tall and made the pattern as drafted. This length is great on me for wearing the Shark Bite Top with leggings or with my Designer StitchShakti pants in these photos. As you can see below - it covers my behind. If you are taller than me and you want the same coverage, you might need to lengthen the pattern a little bit.

I love the loose fit of the Shark Bite Top. I've been having issues with autoimmune gastritis that causes my upper abdomen to swell a lot. The fit of the Shark Bite Top helps to disguise this issue. In the photo below, my stomach is swollen and sticks out pas…