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Greenstyle Creations Laurel Tunic

Greenstyle Creations had a 40% off sale awhile back and I bought a few patterns to try. I have fallen in love with the Laurel Tunic and Dress. It's easy to make. Has several options. And best of all - it's very figure flattering. You can buy it HERE.

I used a winter sweater strike off from PNW Fabrics for the bodice and a solid dark blue I bought from the Dallas Fabric District for the rest. You can purchase PNW fabrics HERE.

Here are all my pieces cut out.

Here is the pattern cover page. It has a cowl neck, but for this top I decided to do a banded neck.

First the bodice front and back are sewn together at the shoulders and sides. I cut the front neckline higher than the pattern.

To do the neck band, I used a measuring tape to measure the length around my neckline. I then multiplied that number by 0.8 to get the length needed for the band. I cut my band 2" wide and by the length I calculated. I then sewed the ends together.

Then I pinned the band to the neck evenly all a…

KZJO Studio - Pattern Test - Cosette

Here's another pattern test I did for Kaysie at KZJO Studio. This is the Cosette and it's a really cute semi fitted top perfect for fall.  Buy Cosette HERE. Use the coupon code "Cosette20" for 20% off the regular price of $9 through October 20th.

The Cosette is perfect for flannel and other fall wovens. It's unique in that the side panels are cut on the bias which adds some stretch and interest to the top. The wide v-neck is great to wear over another top or camisole.

Kaysie had some challenges with this pattern and the pictures that follow are not exactly how the final pattern turned out.

The first version I made was from a gauzy/flannel like woven. I'm not sure where I got this fabric, but have had it a long time, and never knew what to do with it. It was perfect for this top.

Here are all my pieces cut out.

First the front and back are sewn together at the shoulders.

The pattern has 2 options for finishing the neckline - binding or facing. For my first ver…

Simplicity 1463 - Zenith & Quasar "Like a Girl"

Zenith and Quasar has another awesome round open for preorder. This round is "Like a Girl" and is all about smart women in many different scientific fields. I think the fabric sends a great message that girls can do all things scientific. The panels offered show a photograph of a woman - for example Sally Ride and has the words "Fly - like a girl". There are 8 women highlighted. For this top I just used the photo collage print of all 8 women.

The Like a Girl prints can be ordered here and preorders are open until October 25th.

For this top I used one of my favorite patterns - Simplicity 1463.

First I gather the back.

Here's the back yoke.

I marked where the gathers should be.

I then lined everything up and pinned it together.

I then serged it together.

Then I topstitched using my coverstitch. I decided to use a grey thread.

The the front and back are sewn together at the sides.

Then the front sleeve pieces are stay stitched at the corners.

The sleeve front is p…