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Sew it Yourself MLM company clothing

If haven't heard of MLM companies that sell clothes, I'm guessing you have seen it, but didn't know it. It seems to be EVERYWHERE! I have heard people rave and rave about how soft the fabric is, pretty designs, easy to wear pieces, etc. So I had to check it out for myself and attended a Facebook popup I was invited to.

Want to make your own - here are some patterns to try. I have an additional post for MLM company fabric and fabric alternatives HERE. Pretty much all MLM company items are made of poly blend fabrics and there are many places to buy the same style of fabrics.

Leggings - $25

There are so many legging patterns out there. I think the Everything Your Mama Made (EYMM) Get Moving Leggings are the closet to the style and fit of the infamous leggings.

The best FREE legging pattern is the 5 out of 4Ninja Pants. They have so many rise options, and go up to a 5X. Get the code to make them free in the Facebook Group. Find my post about them HERE.

There is also the Peg Leg…


I have never ordered fabric from Spoonflower before. I have ordered free swatches - when they were offered. The had a 50% off sale on their Modern Jersey the beginning of February and I decided to play around with some of my photos and turn them into fabric. I am so happy with how they turned out. I have made my designs available for purchase on Spoonflower. Click this link to visit my shop. You can buy any of these prints on Spoonflower.

This is a photo of a cross section of a Sequoia Tree that had been polished to show the grain lines and features in the wood. This photo won first place in an exhibit a few years back and has always been a favorite of mine. I took this photo at a museum in Houston.

Here is the image mirrored and flipped to create a pattern on the fabric.

This is a photo of one of my favorite minerals - Labradorite. This is a piece in my person collection. I love they way that labradorite looks like a plain grey rock from afar, then as you hold it and turn it, you get…

Konstant Krafters PUL SUAT Market Bag

I got some beautiful PUL (unlaminated) samples from Konstant Krafters Fabric of 2 prints that are opening for pre-orders on February 19th. Typically people make diapers with PUL, but I've found that it is great for making reusable bags. The PUL is very durable yet soft and pliable.

These are the 2 prints I received.

This abstract floral swirl is so pretty. It has an oriental feel to it.

And I love geometirc prints with lots of color like this one.

I typically use a grocery bag as my template, but decided to try the free Market Bag pattern from Stitch Upon a Time.  I didn't take photos as I went - My PUL samples were a little smaller than the pattern pieces and didn't want to show something that may not have come out right.  I'll defiinitely use this pattern again. The bag size is good (about the size of your standard grocery store bag) and the instructions were easy to follow.

Here is my bag.

I have a loaf of bread, bag of potato chips, and a box of crackers in the ba…

Little Root Organic Fabrics

I am so excited! There is finally a custom knit group that prints on organic cotton. And not only that - it's organic cotton that is knitted AND printed here in the US. AND the ink is organic based and applied using eco friendly methods. It's this Environmentalist's dream come true! Go join the Facebook Group and check out the Website.

Leah Kimberly is the woman behind Little Roots. She seems pretty awesome and I have enjoyed chatting with her on Facebook. I was so excited when she selected me to sew a strike off from her first round. Leah will only run all original prints all the time. Her turn around time from order to delivery will be super quick since everything is US based. Expected turn around time is only 3 weeks!

This first round is open through March 4th. The organic cotton lycra is 6.2 oz per square yard, per the website. The sample I received matched this weight exactly. The Flower Scroll sample I received was measured prior to washing. I washed on warm and drie…

Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs First Birthday Blog Tour and Giveaway

I love the Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs (KBSD) patterns, I have made the Block the World Lounge Set (see blog post here). So when the opportunity to participate in the blog tour for the first birthday - I knew I wanted to join and make one the Hello Hi Lo Top.

All patterns are on Sale with the coupon code "firstbirthday" through February 14th to receive 35% off. Also, see the end of my blog post for a giveaway. And be on the lookout for a new pattern that is releasing today!

This pattern was surprisingly easy to put together. It had several options. I went with the modest neckline and the keyhole back. I really like the inspiration photos that had a print matched with a solid and the front in a print and the back a solid.

Here are all my pieces.

First step was to make the keyhole opening in the back. First, a band is added to the edge of the keyhole.

Then it was topstitched with my coverstitch.

Then you sew a triangle in the band at the bottom so it lays flat. I swear it is…

Knitpicked Fabrics - Round 3 Sweet Tweets

I sewed up another strike off for Knitpicked Fabrics. This time it's a Round 3 print named "Sweet Tweets". The pattern is reminiscent of Mexican folk art in the style of the birds and flowers. There is also a companion print that is only flowers in the same style. It's cute and whimsical. The background is a soft lavender and the print has hues of green, coral , and yellow.

Knitpicked Fabrics is the only custom knit group that I have heard of that does not ask for payment of the fabric ordered during the pre-order UNTIL the fabric is delivered to them. This is amazing - especially in light of scandal that has rocked the custom knit world recently.

Round 3 is open for pre-order reservations until February 14th Here. The pre-order pricing is $19.50/yard.

For this strike off, I decided to make a Stitch Upon a TimeMerryweather. I love the simplicity of this pattern and the variety of options it offers. I have blogged about it before (read it HERE).

The turquoise eyelet kn…