The Fabric Geeks - The Story, The Detectives, and The Settlers

The Fabric Geeks has a great round of prints in The Story, The Detectives, and The Settlers Round. The Fabric Geeks are based in Canada and US customers order on the website (HERE) and pay in US dollars. Canadian customers order via a Google Form (HERE).

I fell in love with the vintage newsprint and the steampunk inspired panels in this round when I first saw the. I just love the quote on the Reality panel.

 I used a faux leather like fabric I found at C + C fabrics in the Dallas fabric district to make this Love Notions Whistler Pullover and Hoodie. I even found these cool gears at Jo-Ann Fabrics in the button section to add to my Whistler.

One thing that I really love about sewing for The Fabric Geeks is that they send me fabric way ahead of time.  These photos were taken in June of last year! These photos show that I really need to go and get my hair cut short again soon.

The Whistler was great for using the Reality panel on the back. The front and sleeves are the only places where I used the vintage newsprint.    The panels are only available in cotton lycra, but the vintage newsprint is available on cotton lycra (shown), double brushed poly, and cotton woven.

 I really love the shape of the shawl collar and front pockets on the Whistler.

I also sewed up another print in this round. This one was more recently, as the following photos were taking in early January (hence the dead grass and my slightly longer hair). This is the Patina Locks and Wood Grain.

I love patterns from Love Notions and used the Tidal Top & Dress for these fabrics. This is one of my favorite patterns to make. This pattern is perfect when you only have a small amount of one print. In this case I had a fat half of the Patina Locks. The Patina Locks are available on cotton lycra (shown) and double brushed poly. I also used the free add on for long sleeves. You can find it HERE!

The Wood Grain print is gorgeous, but hard to see in the photos. The one below shows it the best on. This print is available on cotton lycra (shown) and double brushed poly.

Because the Patina Locks are so gorgeously detailed, I'm going to show you a close up photo.

 Here's a good look at the Wood Grain print.

Here's another look at the Patina Locks and Wood Grain print together.

Here's a snapshot of some of the other prints available in this round.

This preorder closes on March 9. If you are in the US, the shipping rates from Canada are not very expensive, so don't let that stop you from checking out The Fabric Geeks.

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Designer Stitch Indu Wrap Pants

I love the fashion forward designs from Designer Stitch. The designs are always unique and the drafting is perfection. The Indu Wrap Pants are no exception. These pants have 2 options - plain straight legs or with the wrap extensions. You can even make them with one leg each for a very unique look.

I did both legs with the wrap extension. I used a very drapey poly knit. I did a few things differently to my Indu Wrap Pants. I added cuffs at the ankles, added a small loop at the end of the wrap extensions (I'll call them wings for simplicity), and I added 5 buttons across the bottom of my waistband (one at each side, one in the very center, and one on each side between the center and side buttons).

The photo below shows the Indu Wrap Pants worn with the "wings" tucked inside them selves and hanging freely.

I'm just holding the "wings" out to show you what they look like.

Here, I left the right wing tuck in and the left wing is attached to the far right button.

Me looking towards the button on the side seam.

Now the right wing is attached to the far left button.  Making the wings wrap completely.

I separated my legs slightly to show the wrap effect.

Back view with the wings completely wrapped in the front.

Now I took the right wing and attached it to the next button inwards and left the left wing all the way to the right side button.

Now both are one button closer to the centered. The allows them to drape a little more as they cross each other.

I kinda think this is my favorite position for the wings.

Now, I have both wings attached to the center button. I think this looks really cute too.

Now, each wing is attached to the middle button on it's respective side.

I'm moving my wings again.

Now I have the wings attached to the button on the side for which the wing is.

Needless to say - that's not all the ways you can wear the Indu Wrap Pants! These pants are so comfortable and I can see myself wearing these a lot. I really need to make myself a solid black pair. The Indu Wrap Pants are on sale for a limited time.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. These links provide me with a small compensation if you make a purchase using my link. There is not cost to you when you do this. My thoughts and opinions given in this blog post are mine.

Little Roots Fabrics Round 10

Round 10 at Little Roots Fabrics has Earth Day prints and panels! I love them all so much! There's also a really cool inclusive little red riding hood print at preorder too.

Little Roots Fabrics has been printing in the US with organic inks for over a year now. This year they have also added US grown organic cotton stash staples. Shown here is the Stone Jersey paired with the Earth Day print.

The Stone Jersey is amazing-
• 100% ORGANIC
• 100% US seed to finish (grown, milled, knitted, finished)
• 9oz/ linear yard
• Approx 30% stretch, cross grain
• 56" width

The Stone Jersey is in stock and available now! The Earth Day print coordinates perfectly and is at preorder through February 28. Since it is printed in the US, the turnaround time for it to be in your hands is super quick!

Little Roots Fabrics is also offering cut files in an assortment of Earth Day designs that coordinate perfectly with the Earth Day prints. My top is the Visby Henley & Top from Itch to Stitch. I debated making this with the henley placket, but decided to use the HTV design instead.  I'll definitely be making a henley version soon.

Here is a look at another and the digital mock up of the Earth Day print.


There is also a tri-panel set of Earthy panels.

Earth Day/Bee PANELS

I love the Earth panel. The Coastal Blue Charcoal Stripes match perfectly.

The panel comes with a small strip of charcoal stripes in a two tone blue. I left a small bit of them at the bottom of the panel for the front of my shirt and used it for the upper back on the Winter Wear Designs Tidewater Tee.

I love how these stripes look together. This is one of my favorite tops to make as I cam make one with just a yard of fabric.

Here's a small snapshot of the other prints at preorder.

Image may contain: stripes

The entire round is just gorgeous! Check out the entire line up and place your order by February 28th!

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. These links provide me with a small compensation if you make a purchase using my link. There is not cost to you when you do this. My thoughts and opinions given in this blog post are mine.

Elephant House Fabrics Fairytale Florals

Elephant House Fabrics is a fairly new custom fabric group, but they are one to watch. They have been coming out with some of the most unique and imaginative designs that I have seen in a while. The Fairytale Floral round is a prime example. It's all floral designs inspired by Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm fairytales!

When asked for my first choice of print, I selected the Thumbelina floral. I said I would work with cotton lycra or woven and was sent the woven which is so soft and has a nice bit of drape.

Thumbelina Floral // Fairytale Florals Pre-Order

I really loved all the elements from the story and could envision myself wearing this as a spring and summer blouse.

I was drawn to the yellow background and the red tulips with a yellow fring. They remind me of the "world's favorite" from the arboretum - my photo below for reference. These are my favorite tulips at the arboretum.

So I have a funny little story about this top. This was not the shirt I intended to make. I keep my patterns folded up in 6" by 9" manilla envelopes labeled with the designer and the pattern name. I grabbed my envelope and pulled out the pieces. The pattern is by a European designer and her patterns - while given a name - are also identified by numbers and letters. The pattern pieces do not have the name on them - only the number/letter designation. I cut out the front piece and then went to grab the back, I noticed the number/letter was different. I had a wrong piece in my envelope!

Fortunately, custom wovens are 60" wide and I was sent a cut that was just a few inches short of 2 yards. I gathered up all the correct pieces, cut them out, then saw I still had enough fabric to finish the wrong top.

This top is the Wardrobe by Me Daisy Dolman T-shirt. I was lucky that this pattern is made for either a lightweight woven or a knit. I did not have enough of this woven left to do the woven facing for the neckline or armholes, but the pattern includes instructions for a ribbed knit finish. I absolutely love how this turned out and so glad I made this by accident.

I was also sent a fat half of the Snow Queen floral to sew up. This one was on cotton lycra. The cotton lycra is a 220 gsm making it perfect for any project.

Snow Queen Floral // Fairytale Florals Pre-Order

This is a story that I was not familiar with, and I ran off to read a synopsis of it online. The print incorporates elements from the story beautifully. Snow plays a big role and is seen as the white dots in the prints. There are also roses and spring flowers and a crow in the story.

The colors of this print are so pretty and I wanted them to stand out, so I paired the print with this grey sweater knit. I made the Shwin Designs Carolina Tee. This has become one of my favorite patterns to make. You can find a great variety of sweater knits perfect for this pattern at Sincerely Rylee Fabrics. The 50 Shades of Grey box will get you a variety of greys like the one I used.

I love how my shirt came out and it has me anticipating the blooming of my hyacinths in my front yard that look just like these in the print.

The shirt I intended to make initially with the Thumbelina floral was the Wardrobe by Me Piper Boho Tunic.

I tested this pattern about 3 years ago and made a handful of them. I really love the pattern and thought it was perfect for a springtime blouse.

I love the relaxed fit and the split neckline. The point below the split is supposed to have a few lines of elastic shirring, but I omitted it in this version.

I think the Thumbelina floral was perfect for this blouse. The cotton woven has the perfect drape and the colors are so vibrant and rich. I'm also thoroughly impressed that I was able to manage 2 blouses out of my almost 2 yard cut!

Here's a snapshot of all the Fairytale Florals at preorder.

Image may contain: text

The preorder for the Fairytale Florals ends on March 11th. All prints are available on cotton wovem cotton lycra, and french terry. Each one is so unique and beautiful. I really had a hard time picking a favorite. There's something that I love about each of these prints.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. These links provide me with a small compensation if you make a purchase using my link. There is not cost to you when you do this. My thoughts and opinions given in this blog post are mine.

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