Designer Stitch Indu Wrap Pants

I love the fashion forward designs from Designer Stitch. The designs are always unique and the drafting is perfection. The Indu Wrap Pants are no exception. These pants have 2 options - plain straight legs or with the wrap extensions. You can even make them with one leg each for a very unique look.

I did both legs with the wrap extension. I used a very drapey poly knit. I did a few things differently to my Indu Wrap Pants. I added cuffs at the ankles, added a small loop at the end of the wrap extensions (I'll call them wings for simplicity), and I added 5 buttons across the bottom of my waistband (one at each side, one in the very center, and one on each side between the center and side buttons).

The photo below shows the Indu Wrap Pants worn with the "wings" tucked inside them selves and hanging freely.

I'm just holding the "wings" out to show you what they look like.

Here, I left the right wing tuck in and the left wing is attached to the far right button.

Me looking towards the button on the side seam.

Now the right wing is attached to the far left button.  Making the wings wrap completely.

I separated my legs slightly to show the wrap effect.

Back view with the wings completely wrapped in the front.

Now I took the right wing and attached it to the next button inwards and left the left wing all the way to the right side button.

Now both are one button closer to the centered. The allows them to drape a little more as they cross each other.

I kinda think this is my favorite position for the wings.

Now, I have both wings attached to the center button. I think this looks really cute too.

Now, each wing is attached to the middle button on it's respective side.

I'm moving my wings again.

Now I have the wings attached to the button on the side for which the wing is.

Needless to say - that's not all the ways you can wear the Indu Wrap Pants! These pants are so comfortable and I can see myself wearing these a lot. I really need to make myself a solid black pair. The Indu Wrap Pants are on sale for a limited time.

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