The Fabric Geeks - The Story, The Detectives, and The Settlers

The Fabric Geeks has a great round of prints in The Story, The Detectives, and The Settlers Round. The Fabric Geeks are based in Canada and US customers order on the website (HERE) and pay in US dollars. Canadian customers order via a Google Form (HERE).

I fell in love with the vintage newsprint and the steampunk inspired panels in this round when I first saw the. I just love the quote on the Reality panel.

 I used a faux leather like fabric I found at C + C fabrics in the Dallas fabric district to make this Love Notions Whistler Pullover and Hoodie. I even found these cool gears at Jo-Ann Fabrics in the button section to add to my Whistler.

One thing that I really love about sewing for The Fabric Geeks is that they send me fabric way ahead of time.  These photos were taken in June of last year! These photos show that I really need to go and get my hair cut short again soon.

The Whistler was great for using the Reality panel on the back. The front and sleeves are the only places where I used the vintage newsprint.    The panels are only available in cotton lycra, but the vintage newsprint is available on cotton lycra (shown), double brushed poly, and cotton woven.

 I really love the shape of the shawl collar and front pockets on the Whistler.

I also sewed up another print in this round. This one was more recently, as the following photos were taking in early January (hence the dead grass and my slightly longer hair). This is the Patina Locks and Wood Grain.

I love patterns from Love Notions and used the Tidal Top & Dress for these fabrics. This is one of my favorite patterns to make. This pattern is perfect when you only have a small amount of one print. In this case I had a fat half of the Patina Locks. The Patina Locks are available on cotton lycra (shown) and double brushed poly. I also used the free add on for long sleeves. You can find it HERE!

The Wood Grain print is gorgeous, but hard to see in the photos. The one below shows it the best on. This print is available on cotton lycra (shown) and double brushed poly.

Because the Patina Locks are so gorgeously detailed, I'm going to show you a close up photo.

 Here's a good look at the Wood Grain print.

Here's another look at the Patina Locks and Wood Grain print together.

Here's a snapshot of some of the other prints available in this round.

This preorder closes on March 9. If you are in the US, the shipping rates from Canada are not very expensive, so don't let that stop you from checking out The Fabric Geeks.

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