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Sew Big Fabrics always has the funnest prints for adults and kids. I love every print in the Mythical round. All prints are available on cotton lycra, double brushed poly, swim, rayon french terry, minky, and cotton wove. There's a fabric for anything you would want to make! The preorder is open through March 25. Below is a snapshot of the prints at preorder.

I was thrilled to get the Mermaids. They are realistic and remind me of an antique wood block ink print. The detail in them is just beautiful. Here's a closeup shot for you to see the Mermaids up close.

The background of the print is like a pastel watercolor rainbow.

These Opal Scales are also available and make a great coordinate to the Mermaids.

I can't wait to wear this top on my next cruise. I'll be going on a partial transit of the Panama Canal later this year.

I made the Winter Wear Designs La Croix Cross Back Top - that can actually be made to be reversible. And that's the option I chose. I love it both ways, but I think the crossover in the back looks best on me.

I somehow managed to only get a close up shot of the top that was good. We had some crazy wild winds the day I took photos and most photos showed my hair going all over the place.

This preorder is amazing! Fat halfs are available and layaway is available on orders of three yards or more. These Mermaids would make a killer swimsuit.

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