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I tested a pattern for Sinclair Patterns a few months back. I love that this designer did petite, regular, and tall sizing, What I didn't like was that each size was its own file - making grading between sizes difficult - if not impossible. But - they are fixing that! I just tried out the Penny Classic Leggings and they have LAYERS! The Penny Classic Leggings are absolutely wonderful too! They have definitely become my first choice for casual wear leggings.

Sinclair Patterns S1070 Penny leggings pdf sewing pattern pdf for women

The Penny Classic Leggings have 2 rise and waistband options. I tried the contour band which fits on the lower rise. I love a contoured band. Contoured bands fit so much better and when you add elatric to the top seam - they stay in place all day. Plus - if you line your contour band with Supplex (this is what I always do), then it also helps to hold you in and smooth you out.

What makes the Penny Classic Leggings my first choice for casual leggings - is that they have very little negative ease. This means that the fabric only has to stretch a little bit to fit you perfect. 

Many leggings patterns out there (including many of the free ones) have a HUGE amount of negative ease - some requiring the fabric to streat 12" to fit on an average size thigh.

Little negative ease ensures that you don't get image distortion from extreme stretching. You also won't get the dreaded white show through of the base fabric when using a printed knit.

I made the petite size US 14 based on my hip measurements. The contour waistband goes up to my belly button, giving me great coverage in back and tummy control in the front.

The contour band for the US size 14 was a bit loose. Next time, I'll use the US 10 or 12 contour bnd - my waist is right between those sizes.

I absolutely love this pattern and will be making many more Penny Classic Leggings.

If you are interested in trying the Penny Classic Leggings, there is a sew along beginning TOMORROW!

I love joining sew alongs! It's fun, interactive, a sale,  and there are always great prizes up for grabs! Get the pattern now for $2 off with the code SEWPENNY which makes the Penny Classic Leggings $6.99! Join the Sew Along HERE!

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