The Babes of Geeks - Checkers

I recently joined the tester team for The Babes of Geeks. My first experience with their fabric is when the owner, Heather, donated some remnants to be sewn up for the Weekly Auction for Gwen Edwards. I volunteered and was sent some amazing fabric. One print I loved so much, that I bid (and won) my own item! But I needed more!

I was already a member of their Facebook Group - but for some reason they just never popped up in my news feed. I loved so many of their prints and knew I needed to keep my eye out for their future rounds.

I was ecstatic when Tracey asked me to join their tester team. This is my first time sewing a strike off for The Babes of Geeks. This is the Green checkers from their current Checkers flash round

The checker print is offered in five colors: Green, Blue, Pink, Red, and White. They are part of the "Basic Collection" and intended to be used alone or as a coordinate. The price is $17/yard. The fabric base is a medium weight cotton lycra at about 220 - 240 gsm. 

When I sew this print, I immediately thought it would make a cute vest. I used a free vest pattern from This is the Hornpipe Vest. I modified it slightly. There was not a size chart - so I guessed on the size and it ended up a bit big on me.

I loved that the back had a center seam. That made it easy for me to do a slight sway back adjustment.

I originally thought I'd add some Christmas designs on the front and back to wear for the Holidays.

Then I realized - it would also be super cute to wear for St. Patrick's Day!

The scale of the checkers is 0.5" for each square, making it perfect for items big and small.

I loved that the vest pattern had the side inserts. I like the black sides and back belt to break up the print.

Green is my favorite color and I love how bright and vivid this green is. It really pops.

This is a flash run and it closes on December 4th. Don't miss out on stocking up on this basic print in your favorite colors.

Lyrically Mused Fabrics

Lyrically Mused has the most amazing sewing themed print I have seen! It's available for preorder through December 5th.

First off - this color is just gorgeous!

This is just one of many panels available. It's so funny and cute!

Cause really - who doesn't sew barefoot?

The print is just cute and whimsical with vintage quality sewing notions. The designs are well done and have some neat little details. The scale is also great for so many projects.

The owner of Lyrically Mused is also having a fundraiser for her son's Cub Scout troop. Pearl parties seem to be a BIG thing now on Facebook. I see so many live videos of oyster openings being shared by my friends. They are offering pearls and the jewelry as a fund raiser for the troop along with some cute and pretty panels that have a pearl and a saying. There is also a pretty scale print to coordinate with the panels.

The graphic below has the information on the pearl party fund raiser. You can get some beautiful jewelry and help out a worthy cause.

5 out of 4 Patterns - Nancy Raglan

Do you need another raglan pattern? Of course you do! 5 out of 4 just released the Nancy Raglan and it's so full of options.

V-neck, round neck, cowl, hood, tunic, dress, maternity, and nursing! I know I'm forgetting something.

There's also a sale! 35% off all patterns with the code "perkyturkey". Shop HERE. Sale ends on November 28th!

I was assigned the tunic length. I love a shirt that covers my behind.

I made this one with a blue french terry and Petri Dish fabric from Zenith & Quasar.

See - it covers my behind.

This is the rounded neck.

I made another completely in the same blue french terry. I bought it for $1/yard at C&C Fabrics on Perth Street in the Dallas fabric district.

I love this one paired with my Rock Collection leggings - fabric from Zenith & Quasar.

I made this one with side vents - another one of the many options!

This one is the V-neck.

The last one I made has vents and a cowl.

The blue fabric is Ocean brushed poly athletic knit from Made Whimsy. Buy it HERE. It's a great value at $13/yard!

I love the cowl for winter!

The chemistry print is from Zenith & Quasar as well. They are my go to for geeky science prints.

Now is a great time to buy other 5 out of 4 patterns. The Agility Top is awesome! - see my blog HERE on it. The Ninja Pants are an amazing legging patter - and free with a code from the Facebook Group - See my blog post HERE. And be sure to grab the free lounge pants pattern - see blog post HERE.

Sew Straight & Gather Andromeda Top & Dress

I've been on Terri's tester team for awhile and this is my first pattern test for her. This is the Andromeda Top & Dress. And it's amazing!

he sale for it is also Amazing and Storewide - All patterns are $5! And that's Canadian dollars - it's a little cheaper for us Americans. Buy it and all other patterns HERE.

I made the banded shirt version. I have to say - I was really wanting to do the regular swingy hem version, but so glad I did this one.

I normally shy away from anything fitted at or near my midsection. But this top does some slimming magic! I feel like I look 10 pounds skinnier in this top. I feel so fabulous in it.

My friend Bryan was my personal photographer for these photos. He did a great job and I just love how they came out.

I made this top with Eggplant Rayon Spandex graciously provided by Mandy Picky at Made Whimsy. Mandy is a local Texas gal and has a great selection of fabrics at 

The eggplant Rayon Spandex has a lovely weight and creates such a gorgeous drape for this top. The best part is the price - only $6.52/yard! Buy it HERE.

I made the shirt according to the pattern and the sleeves were a little long for my short - 5' tall frame.

So, on the next one, I shortened the sleeves about an inch and a half at the top and tapered it down to about the halfway point.

I used some of my hoarded Vintage Books from Zenith & Quasar for this one. The fabric is a poly spandex and gives the sleeves slightly more structure.

Sleeves are the perfect length this time!

I encourage you to check out this pattern and all the options. Be sure to look at the tester photos. The dress version is gorgeous! There is also a kids version.

VIDA Shop - Wearable Art

I was contacted by this company recently about turning my art into wearable art. The company is VIDA.

You can view the items in my shop at

Here are a few items that are listed already...

I'm adding more as I come across photos that I love and that fit an item. They have scarves, tote bags, pillows, and more.

If you are ever interested in a purchase, let me know. I get discount codes frequently and will often post them on my Facebook page at

5 out of 4 - Agility Tank

The Agility tank from 5 out of 4 Patterns is very versatile. It can be a swim top, workout top, or a casual dress even. It also is a lot easier to make than it looks.

First you sew the front and back (racer back portion) of the sports bra together at the shoulder seams.

Now sew the bottom half of the back of the sports bra to the front at the side seams.

Mark the lines on the back overlay piece for the pleat.

With right sides together sew along the line shown above. Then spread the fabric out and baste across the top to make the pleat.

Sew the front and back overlay pieces together at the side seams.

Now hem the under arm portion of the overlay.

Now sew 2 lines using a long stitch length across the top of the front overlay. Pull the bobbin strings to gather the front overlay.

Spread the gathered overlay evenly across the front of the sports bra. The pattern piece has marks to show where the overlay goes, but you could make the gathered portion more narrow or wider to suit your tastes. Baste the front overlay in place.

Now baste the back overly piece to the back of the sports bra lower half. The pleat will go in the very middle of the back.

Now add the binding to the neckline of the sports bra. First it is sewn onto the front as shown.

Then the binding is folded down. This can be a little tricky - I just use a ton of wonder clips as I go along. I then topstitch the binding on my coverstitch.

Now to add the binding from the bottom of the racer backside along the front of the sports bra around the lower back of the sports bra, back up around to end at the other side of the racer back.

Sew it on slowly making sure you stretch it as you go.

Then you fold and topstitch it - just like the neckline.

Now try it on and see where the racerback needs to attach to the lower back of the sports bra and also to see if you need to remove any length from the sports bra before you attach elastic or a band. Then sew it down together. I sewed it right under the binding, but I found this made the binding want to flip down when I wear it. So definitely sew it across the binding to prevent that. Now add elastic - or in my case, I just added a wide band to the bottom.

Here I am in my Agility Tank with a banded bottom and matching leggings. I used baby blue Supplex from Zenith & Quasar. This color is no longer in stock, but they have many other beautiful colors. Supplex is my go-to for any active wear. It's what is used by high end athletic wear companies.

I love the race back fit. The overlay on this is a cotton lycra from Smoogie Fabric. The design is Three Stars and is out of stock in cotton lycra, but is available in Minky and in the very popular Stained Glass Lace version (which is the print I used, but it also has a black lace print over the design).

The overlay has different armhole cut lines for different looks. You can have a lower one to show more skin - this is great for making the swimwear version. I did the higher cut line.

I also made another version with a longer overlay - but not quite the dress length - to get a tunic perfect for the hot Texas summer.

On this one, I also sized up on the overlay to make it looser. But in doing so - the armholes ended up lower than I cared for. Next time, I'll have to make sure I cut the armhole higher than the pattern piece.

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