Zenith and Quasar Round 19 Ocean

There are so many amazing prints in Zenith & Quasar's 19th round! This round is all about the Ocean and aquatic life. All of these prints are available for preorder on Athletic Brushed Poly (ABP) and Swim knit. The preorder price is $20/yard. The preorder closes on March 31st!

I was sent 4 samples and they are all stunning!

This is the Floral Whale Stripe. Each of these whales/dolphins/orcas is beautifully watercolor painted with a floral design.

The colors pair nicely with the teal heathered ABP (currently out of stock).

You really have to see the close up images to appreciate the beauty in the design.

See the beautiful details?

This is the Leafy Sea Dragons. This design is very subtle yet beautiful.

The design has lost of grey and white and the sea dragons have a few pops of color.

The background also contains some tribal design elements that make this print very unique. This design is created by a popular designer on Spoonflower - Nouveau_bohemian.

See how beautiful these sea dragons are?

This is the Diatoms print. This is a drawing by Ernst Haeckel done in 1903.

This one is special to me because I took Ernst Haeckel's drawing and digitally colored each diatom and made the back ground black.  See the original design and the information on the species of diatoms HERE.

The colors  turned out beautiful. There is such a variety that you could pair this design with almost any color.

Here's a view of the Diatoms. The detail Ernst Haeckel drew is simply amazing!

This is the Great Waves print.

I actually got this sample last year and have worn this top a lot. The ABP is so wonderful at holding up well wash after wash. The colors remain vibrant and crisp.

This is Whale Tribe. This design is so strikingly beautiful when you look really close at the details.

This design is also by Nouveau_bohemian. It has a very similar tribal design as the Leafy Sea Dragons.

I love this purple color with it. It goes perfectly with the background.

See the gorgeous detail in the design?

This preorder closes on March 31st! Don't miss out.

So Cheeky Fabric

So Cheeky Fabrics has a pre-order open for a unique and versatile coordinate. It's a solid color, yarn dyed cotton lycra that is screen printed with X's. It comes in six colors. The price is only $14.50/yard. The preorder closes on March 31st!

I was sent two different colors to sew. I was sent Green and Orange.

Green is my favorite color and it took me a while to decided what fabric to use with it. I finally decided on this Giving Tree print.

I also had to decide on a great pattern to showcase the fabric. I recently purchased the Edgy Top from George & Ginger Pattern Company and decided it would be perfect - with one small addition. I needed a strap so I could wear a normal bra.

The flounce on this top gives and added touch of femininity and drama to the top.

It was also great to show how fluid of a drape this cotton lycra has.

The Orange X's took me a bit longer to find a perfect fabric to pair it with. I finally found this Peppa Pig fabric in my stash and it was a perfect match.

I made the Artemis Dress from Stitch Upon a Time.

I especially love how the double layer skirt turned out. The rolled hem came out beautifully.

Go to So Cheeky's Facebook page to Pre-order these X's. They will be a great coordinate for many prints and designs. The price is perfect to get some in every color.

Wholesale Sewing Supplies Round 6 - Romantic Spring Watercolors

Wholesale Sewing Supplies is probably the best place to buy notions and all kinds of sewing supplies. There are always buys in the Facebook Group for rotary cutters, blades, lace, trim, needles, etc. They also do custom prints on knit and sometimes cotton woven and chiffon.

This round has 5 beautiful prints all with a matching panel set. The panel sets are 1 yard and contain a fat half (adult sized) panel and 2 fat quarter (child sized) panels. The pre-order price is $19/yard for prints and panel sets. Fat half cuts of the prints are available for $11/fat half. The pre-order closes on April 14th.
I was sent a sample of one of the prints currently at pre-order through April 14th. It's the coffee panel (I got a fat quarter panel size) and a fat half of the coordinating coffee print.

I used the Halla Patterns Stardust Tank for my tank top. I used the color block version for the panel in the middle. The pattern is free with a code from the Facebook Group. See the pinned post for the code.

I love the fit of this tank and the color blocking is fun and was perfect for this size of panel.

I normally don't do fancy lay-flat photos, but thought I'd give it a try. Felix tried to eat my cupcakes before I could get my photos!

I had a little bit of fabric left over so I made a pair of scrundlewear (Stitch Upon a Time) to go with my tank. My "scrundies" are always my favorite undies to wear. They are the most comfortable thing ever. I don't think I'll ever have enough of them.

The details in the print and panel are just amazing. I love them and they would make super cute pajamas, robe, leggings, and more.

Little Roots Fabrics Round 2

Little Roots Fabrics now has their second preorder open and it's love.

They print in the US on a domestically produced cotton Lycra. This round is also printed using organic/plant based inks. The colors are crisp, vibrant, and stay strong even through a hot water wash and dry.

Leah - owner of Little Roots Fabrics - sent me a bunch of different prints to sew. It was amazing!

I love to do yoga - so I was really excited to get the Yoga Dancer Print and Panel. I immediately knew I wanted to make the Greenstyle Creations Jillian Tank. The Jillian Tank is actually 2 patterns in one - there is an inner and outer tank.

But first - have a little laugh with me. This is the inner tank for the Jillian made with the Yoga Pose Panel and some Supplex.

The Yoga Pose Panel woman kinda looks like she's holding my boobs up. I still love how my tank turned out - sometimes I could use a little lift. The panel graphic will be reduced for the preorder.

I really love the look of the back straps on the Jillian Tank. I was so glad I had this lavender supplex from Zenith & Quasar that was offered last year. It was the perfect match.

The Yoga Dancers Print was perfect for the outer tank of the Jillian.

I love the outer tank! It's nice and loose, and hides my belly flab. I was going to throw on some leggings to do photos - but I really like this with my jeans.

The bottom band helps to hold everything in and I really love the look. This can also be made with a woven and I think I may try to make a few for the summer.

The back is a racer back to mimic the style of the inner tank.

Leah also sent me some of the Gradient Dots. I wish I could afford to buy 5 yards of every color. I can see these being so versatile and the perfect coordinate for so many things!

I made the Women's Renni Dress from A Sparkly Baby with the Aqua Dots.

I love the retro vibe of the bots and in this maxi - it just feels perfect!

Leah also sent me some of the Purple Gradient Dots. I'll post what I make with them in a few days.

I also fell in Love with the Raining Cats & Dogs print. When I worked in a water quality lab, my favorite lab coat was made with a fabric that had a raining cats & dogs design on it. I loved it and wore it till it fell apart. So I was thrilled to get this print to make myself a top.

I made my favorite raglan pattern - The Duck Butt Designs Really Awesome Women's Raglan - known as RAWR.

I added a pocket to the front at the last minute - and love it!

Take a look at all the amazing prints offered by Little Roots Fabrics. Leah is awesome and is donating $2 of every yard and $1 form every panel of the Yoga Dancers and Not Strong for a Girl to a Women's Shelter. You can find more information about this in the Facebook Group.

A Sparkly Baby Women's Renni Dress

A Sparkly Baby (ASB) has some great women's and kid's patterns. I tested the Women's Renni Dress and think I'll be making so many this year.

Buy the Women's Renni Dress pattern (and all the ASB patterns) for 30% off with the code "Renni" through April 2nd.

I made this one using the Aqua Whales at preorder from Zenith & Quasar Fabrics and some lightweight purple jersey knit. I NEVER wear dresses so I made the tunic length Renni.

The purple jersey knit was so light weight, that I needed to use two layers for the bodice. This made it a bit more challenging to sew.

I also had to add a strip of supplex to the neckband so it had sufficient support and give. So ignore the slight wonkiness where the skirt attaches to the front bodice. Getting those two layers of the bodice attached to the gathered skirt was difficult! They kept shifting and sliding. In hind sight, I should have basted the bodice pieces together before I tried to attach it to the skirt.

But, I'm okay with the slight imperfection. I still love the fit and the look of it.

If you know me well, you will know that I love jellyfish. My necklace is a jellyfish given to me as a gift.

When the testing of the Renni Dress started, I order material for the test from So Sew English. I purchased three different colors of Modal. This is the Coral Modal. It's a great buy at $7.99 a yard.

You can gather the skirt back either evenly or concentrated in the middle. I think I prefer it all toward the middle.

The modal knit has such great drape. I love how it looks.

I love the flattering style and fir of the Renni tunic. I also bought a Mint Modal and a Purple Modal from So Sew English. I'll be making Renni tunics with them as well. I think these will look so great with all my patterned leggings this spring and summer.

Now I know I said I NEVER wear dress - but I was loving the look and fit of the Renni so much that I decided to try a Maxi Dress!?!?! Shocking - I know!

I have two maxi dresses in my closet and I do pull them out during the hot Texas summers. So when I got these amazing gradient dots from Little Roots Fabrics - I had to try the Renni Maxi. I LOVE it! I'm thinking I may even make one with sleeves to wear to work.

I was changing clothes outside when I did my photos - and didn't notice until I looked at my photos - that I did not pull my bodice down completely. So, ignore those wrinkles right above my bust.

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