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Sew it Yourself EYMM Piko Top

I have a super easy Hack for you today.

The Piko Top from Everything Your Mama Made. It has several variations, but the one in the middle is an exact match to a very popular MLM clothing designer top.
Kymy Johnson is the designer and owner of Everything Your Mama Made. She's also a MLM fan and helped me with this blog. Thanks Kymy!
The sizing for the Piko Top mirrors the sizing of the MLM company dolman tunic pretty close. Kymy measured her XS dolman tunic and it's measurements were very close to the Piko. I tried an Erma on at a party and I was a small in the dolman tunic, I made the Small Piko Top and it was a perfect fit. I checked with a few friends and the medium was also the same. 
For this post, I even made my top with the MLM who shall not be named fabric. I got this one from a friend. You can find their fabric or similar fabric at a few places. I'll do a post in the future with those resources. You can find that post HERE.

To make your own Erma - print out the Hig…

George & Ginger Swagger Sweater

When I saw the new George & GingerSwagger Sweater - I loved it, but didn't know if I could pull it off with my figure.

The pattern is only $5 - so I decided to give it a try especially since I bought it on sale on top of that. I also had about 8 yards of a gorgeous red french terry that I bought at Golden D'or for 99 cents a yard recently. The pattern takes about 3 yards - so I figured I wouldn't be out much money or expensive fabric if it didn't work out.

According to my measurements - I fell between a 10 bust and a 14 hips. So I went with a 12 for the bust since my french terry has stretch - but not a ton, and graded to a 14 at the hips.

My photos are not very great. My battery was low and when it's low my remote trigger won't work. So I had to use the timer - which doesn't always focus once I get in front of the camera.

But - I love it!

And I found several things I made recently that go with it. This pencil skirt. Pattern from Patterns for Pirates. F…

Back to School Tour: Mom's Edition

I love patterns from Everything Your Mama Made and love every chance I get to do a blog tour with them.

Don't miss any of the posts on EYMM's Back to School Tour: Mom's Edition! (Note: the links below will not work until their scheduled day, but feel free to click through and check out the rest of their blogs anytime!)
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Itch to Stitch Irena - Perfect for Fall

Kennis Wong of Itch to Stitch drafts some of my most favorite patterns. This one is the Irena and was the perfect choice to use as I get my wardrobe ready for fall.

The Irena is a cozy, casual top that can be made fitted in a jersey knit, or more relaxed with a sweater knit. The Irena is intended to be worn over another item of clothing, such as a cami, t-shirt, or even a fitted button up work great.

I tend to grade my Irena out to make it a little looser around my belly and just slightly loose at my hips.

The pattern may look intimidating, but Kennis's instructions and diagrams are wonderful and make this pattern go together perfectly. Plus this one doesn't require any hemming or top stitching - can't get easier than that!

Here are all my pieces. For this version, I made the body using a ponte de roma knit I purchased from Steve at Super Textiles in the Dallas Fabric District for about $3/yard. For the neck I used a strike-off from Star Dust and Moon Beam from their curre…