Sew it Yourself EYMM Piko Top

I have a super easy Hack for you today.

The Piko Top from Everything Your Mama Made. It has several variations, but the one in the middle is an exact match to a very popular MLM clothing designer top.

Kymy Johnson is the designer and owner of Everything Your Mama Made. She's also a MLM fan and helped me with this blog. Thanks Kymy!

The sizing for the Piko Top mirrors the sizing of the MLM company dolman tunic pretty close. Kymy measured her XS dolman tunic and it's measurements were very close to the Piko. I tried an Erma on at a party and I was a small in the dolman tunic, I made the Small Piko Top and it was a perfect fit. I checked with a few friends and the medium was also the same. 

For this post, I even made my top with the MLM who shall not be named fabric. I got this one from a friend. You can find their fabric or similar fabric at a few places. I'll do a post in the future with those resources. You can find that post HERE.

To make your own Erma - print out the High-Lo version of the Piko Top and the 3/4 length sleeves.

The MLM dolman tunic is about 3 inches longer than the Piko Top. Cut the Piko Top top on the "length/shorten line" and add a piece of paper to add length. I added 4" to mine so I could do a 1" hem. If you do a 1/2" hem, lengthen by 3.5". 

 It will look like this-

Cut your pieces out and follow the pattern instructions. They are really easy.

Here is my finished top.

I also made my leggings. The Everything Your Mama Made Get Moving Leggings are perfect for making your own MLM inspired leggings. The pattern has an athletic cut with slim thighs (to give compression) and as a mid rise that fits great. The fabric for the leggings is from Fawnette Fabrics.

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