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Duck Butt Designs - Carol's Favorite Top (CFT)

Duck Butt Designs has a new pattern out! As usual - it's pretty great. This one is named after the owners' mother Carol. This was a pattern she drafted for her mother.

The pattern is on Sale for 20% off with the code CAROLISAMAZING through Friday, September 2. This code also works on all single patterns (excludes bundles and add-ons). The Carols Favorite Top (CFT) is available HERE.
Once you try it, it will become your favorite top too!

This top is super fast and easy to make.

Here are all my pieces cut out. I got the blue and white knit online super cheap about 2 years ago. The cute print on the bottom right is a remnant I got from Jumping June Textiles in a mystery pack.

First you sew the yoke pieces together along the neckline.

Then press it really well.

Now we add the band to the back neckline. Sew the band on - no stretching.

Fold it in half and then turn it under so it does not show. Topstitch the band down.

So this is what the inside looks like.

Now you connect the fron…

Patterns for Pirates - Grandpa Cardi

I'm doing a sew along over in the Vintage Lace Sew and Chat Facebook group. Join and participate for a chance to win a prize. The sew along begins on August 29th and ends on September 4th.

You can purchase the Grandpa Cardi pattern here. There is a code for $2 off in the Vintage Lace Sew and Chat group that is good until the last day of the sew along.

Day 1 - Measurements, Pattern Assembly, and Adjustments

First - let's print the pattern and assemble it. This pattern does not include size layers, so you will be printing the pattern with all sizes shown.

Print from Adobe PDF Viewer on a desktop computer. Printing from a cell phone or tablet will not come out the correct size. Print at 100% (no scaling). Check the 1" square. If it's too small or too big, you will need to reprint. For a detailed post on printing the pattern with photos to show the exact Adobe printer settings - go HERE.

Now, lets assemble the pattern. The pages are no trim and overlap. I find that assembl…