Greenstyle Waimea Rash Guard

The Greenstyle Waimea Rash Guard is not a pattern that I would normally make. I have never worn a rash guard and don't see myself wearing one to the pool anytime soon.

However, I thought the Waimea would make a cute t-shirt and that the color blocking might be perfect for some t-shirt upcycles. I have a slew of old t-shirts I have collected over the years that are 100% cotton with no stretch. I thought I might be able to hack the Waimea to use those t-shirts for the center panel. 

For this Waimea I used a poly knit that had only 2-way stretch (the purplish constellations) and a 4-way stretch supplex for the rest. I think using a no-stretch/little stretch fabric for the center colorblocking works - if you make sure the finished bottom measurement is not smaller than your hipline. The fabrics I used are from Zenith & Quasar.

The outer colorblocking (stripey supplex) and I used it for the sleeves as well to ensure I had full range of movement.

When I was making my Waimea, I noticed that there was a drafting error in the pattern and the side seams did not match up. I was hoping to receive an updated copy and make a new version before the end of March (when the pattern was on sale) but that did not happen.

I  was informed that the pattern was updated and to go to my account to download a new version. I have not taken the time to reprint the pattern to see if the drafting error has been fixed or not. I can say that the drafting error only seemed to effect the larger sizes. 

Maybe later this year I'll reprint the Waimea and give it another try and use it for the upcycle I had in mind. 

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Apricity Heirloom Quilts Apricus Quilt Pattern

I had so much fun testing my first quilt pattern, that I didn't waste any time signing up for more. The next quilt pattern I tested was the Apricus Quilt Pattern by Apricity Heirloom Quilts. According to the designer Apricus is inspired by the sunlight after a fresh spring rain and the pattern left behind by raindrops. 

I selected by fabric thinking about sunshine, spring and rain. I decided to use batik fabric and picked colors and prints that went with my vision, with some solid colors thrown in. The blue batik above made me think of rain running down the window and also ripples on water.

The yellow batik was chosen for the sunshine. The blue and green batik was to signify the green of spring and leaves with rain drops on them. Then I used shades of blue to for a bright blue sky following the rain and white for the clouds in the sky. 

I was over the moon when I got a segment all laid out. I have never made a quilt with such an intricate design before. 

We were in the middle of a winter storm when I was sewing my Apricus Quilt and I had momma kitty inside as it was way too cold for her to be outside. She loved hanging out with me by my sewing machine.

I got the top completed late one night. My windows are all covered with fabric trying to keep the cold out of my house. 

The next day it was time to give it a final press before I went outside for some real photos. 

The weather was so windy and I had to do a few quilt flag style photos. It looked so beautiful against the bright blue sky. 

I am so in love with how this quilt turned out and can't wait to finish it. I think I will quilt it myself as I am trying to convince myself that I should quilt all my quilts that are a throw size or smaller. 

Does this make you think of sunshine after a spring rain?

I got Felix to help me with photos, but the wind was not helping us.

I found this tree by the lake and it was pretty good for attaching my quilt to for photos. I just had to be patient and wait for the winds to die down to snap a few photos.

Billowing quilt photos are good too.

I waited and waited to get a good full shot, and this was as close as I got. 

I ventured into the woods and tried another tree and had a bit better luck. 

This quilt was so fun to make and extremely satisfying. The pattern has two options for construction. One version is almost all half square triangles, and the other has some flying geese thrown in. I made the half square triangle version and do believe that a  confident beginner can make this quilt and feel amazing about it when they are done.

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Greenstyle Simpatico Leggings

Greenstyle has release a simple, beginner friendly legging pattern that might be worth paying for. Many companies have free leggings patterns that are simple  and they  may not have many options and be, well simple. The Simpatico leggings don't have many options - there are two rises and two lengths. What makes them worth buying is that they come in petite, regular, and tall sizes, and they have shaped legs. Not straight from the hip legs here, these are curvy like legs with a bit of slimness in  the knee and fullness in the calves. 

Sorry to begin with my butt, but that's what loaded first and I'm going with it.

The Simpaticos are not a compressive legging. These are more like a lounge around the house and just relax kind of legging. For that reason, I signed up to test because I really needed some new pajamas. Yes - I wear leggings to sleep in year round. I cannot stand my legs to be bare when I sleep. 

I made this pair in cotton lycra and love the fit! I made the petite size H (but I'm between a G & H), but graded to an I for my massive calves. Before signing up to test I decided to take some new measurements. Since last year I have lost a little over 2" from my thigh measurement! My weight has plateaued over the past 6 months,  but I knew from the fit of last years leggings that I had lost some mass. 

I also made a kind of coordinating Waimea top to go with them. I'll have a separate post about it soon. I had a remnant of the purple striated supplex and I used it for the waistband of my Simpaticos and decided to use some for the Waimea.

I did the Midrise waistband on my Simpaticos

Here is the first pair - my fit test version that I made. This version was made prior to the petite file being developed and I had to do my own shortening. I did not shorten enough!

This pair was also made from cotton lycra. 

The Simpatico's are on sale for a limited time for $8.50. They fit great and are perfect for a classic casual legging.

More on the Waimea soon....

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. These links provide me with a small compensation if you make a purchase using my link. There is not cost to you when you do this. My thoughts and opinions given in this blog post are mine.

Sarah Jean Makes Lands End Quilt

Things I never thought I would do - test quilt pattern. I actually didn't think I'd sew another quilt (or not many) when I moved in 2019. I actually have away close to 3,000 yards of cotton woven from my stash. I spent many years making quilts that I rarely kept. I made quilts for just about everyone I knew having a baby and donated regularly to Project Linus. I kept 2 quilts that I can think of, and I honestly think I gave them to Goodwill when we moved. They were very worn and I was no longer attached to them. When we moved, I kept a small stash of cotton wovens. The photo below is my fabirc pull for the Lands End Quilt by Sarah Jean Makes

The prints I chose are Art Gallery fabrics. I love the feel of fabric from Art Galley. It's so smooth and feels so good as I run my hand over it. I probably bought these fabric and kept them solely because they were Art Gallery. I had very few solids. I rarely buy solids as I am a pattern addict. I had to send Mike with a scrap of fabric to get me solids at Walmart. The white was some Kona solids I had, and Mike got me the yellow and pale green from Walmart. They are the Waverly brand.  

I took my time working on the Lands End Quilt and took some photos of my progress as I went. The photo above is all my fabric pieces. The photo below is me preparing to make the half square triangle blocks.

I have this handy "Quilt in a Day" Triangle Square Up ruler. I love this for half square triangles. I can square up the block on the fold easily. 

The Lands End Quilt is very beginner friendly. It is basically 9 blocks which are very  easy to assemble. The center block  is just a large square and is perfect for using a panel.

I laid my completed top on the bed to look at it and Nia couldn't resist getting under it. 

Felix helped me get photos of the completed quilt top. 

Felix was shocked when I told him to drape the quilt top over these limbs. He was worried about it getting dirty. I reminded him it was just fabric and could be washed. 

I ordered a 40 yard roll of batting online. When it was delivered, the delivery person just propped it up against the sidelight and didn't ring the bell. Mike walked to the entryway to get some candy from the cabinet there and saw this tall thing blocking the view and went to investigate. He had no idea what it was. It was well  packaged in lots of thick plastic and was all good. I had to get him to help me unwrap it and get it in my sewing closet. After it arrived it took me a bit to decide on a backing. I order some and didn't like any with it. I decided to use a muslin backing I had in my stash and I think it was the perfect choice. I watched the Marvelous Auntie M's YouTube video on pool noodle basting and it made this a breeze! Her video is in two parts. Part 1 and Part 2

I then went to do the quilting. I had this crazy idea in my mind to do just a bunch of random lines and zigzags and then fill in spots in a maze like pattern. I don't know what the heck I was thinking. It took me forever! But I really love how it turned out. But I don't think I'll ever do something this crazy again. 

Sarah Jean Makes does this thing on Instagram called Quilt Swirl Wednesday. So of course I had to do my first quilt swirl using my quilt in her pattern. 

Next up was the binding. I had purchased 3 yards (maybe a little more) of each of the art gallery prints I used for my Lands End Quilt. I had about 1/4 yard left of the background print and a yard of the print I used in the center. I used the leftover print to make my binding. 

Here's a close-up look at my binding. I sewed it to the back, then  sewed it down in the front using a decorative stitch. 

Nia seems to think that this quilt belongs to her. 

I had Felix help me again get some photos of the quilt fully completed. It was very warm today, near 80, and very windy. But we had a beautiful blue sky and I laid down on the ground and took photos while the wind blew the quilt through the air.  

Felix is holding the quilt up in this photo. I told him to squat down a bit so his feet and legs didn't show. 

Then I had him lay it across these limbs again. 

Testing a quilt pattern was much different than testing a pattern for apparel. It was a lot of fun and it really motivated me to get it done. I only had to complete the quilt top, but wanted to get it completely finished. 

The Lands End Quilt pattern is on sale through Friday. This is the first pattern released by Sarah Jean  Makes and I can't wait to see what she has planned next. 

Greenstyle Bianca Pullover

Since its still winter and I'm still cold, I made two more wintery tops. When I saw the tester call for the Greenstyle Bianca, I was a bit undecided since it was called a cropped top. I'm too old and chubby for crop tops. But it had a funnel neck - which I love for winter and there was a high hip version in addition to the shorter cropped version. I sent Sharon Aguilar a message to ask her how long the top was on her. She's an admin for Greenstyle and pretests everything. She's just a smidge taller than me, so I knew I could get an idea of length from seeing it on her. I loved the length on her and threw caution to the wind and signed up. 

This turquoise french terry was something I picked up in the Dallas fabric district years ago. I love this shade of green and I probably bought 8 yards. I have several items made with this french terry - including a pair of Brassie Joggers. I used it for my fit test and figured if it was a complete disaster, I could make another one with the same fabric, but my fit test version was perfect! 

I had not worn these Greenstyle Tempo Tights since probably September or October. They are too big for me! I have lost weight since I have been working at home and walking almost daily, but I hadn't noticed much change in my body until I put on these Tempos. I didn't know  if I should cry for joy or sadness. This is my favorite pair and I made my fit version of the Bianca and my Final Bianca thinking they would look great with these Tempos. If you were to zoom in, you would see that there were loose wrinkles all along the back of my legs and at my crotch. The print helps to hide them. The print is called Stormy Streaks from Zenith & Quasar and I have made a few things with it - including the Greeenstyle Midway Bomber. 

But this top is perfect to wear with my leggings as it warms up a bit more. I'm a wuss and don't like walking when the temps are below 50. Thankfully, where I live that is not too frequent. 

I made the high hip with a regular band (there is an option for a narrower band with a drawstring) and love that when I wear my high rise tights, I am fully covered  even when I raise my arms!

I have been saving this fabric for something special for a long time now. It is heavy athletic brushed poly from Zenith & Quasar fabric. I knew whatever I made had to be something casual that I wouldn't ever accidentally wear to work. There are topless mermaids on it and well, that might get me into trouble at work. 

I loved the nautical theme and that it had jellyfish and octopus - two creatures of the sea that I adore. I have a capsule wardrobe that I use for my cruises and thought this print would fit right in. Hopefully one day I'll be able to hop on a ship and go somewhere.

This Bianca is definitely going to get a lot of wear as we go into March. It starts to warm up in March, but can still be a bit chilly at times. The heavy ABP, is not as warm and thick as a french terry so I will be able to wear it for more of the year.

Now to decide if I make new tights or take these apart and make them smaller. I think I'll wait a few weeks to decide. I'm still enjoying wearing my joggers.

I only made two Biancas in testing. I do see more Biancas making there way into my closet, just not right now. Winter is almost over and if I keep up my daily walks, maybe I'll need to make a smaller size when fall comes around.  A girl can dream. Right?

The Bianca Pullover is on sale through February 14th!

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. These links provide me with a small compensation if you make a purchase using my link. There is not cost to you when you do this. My thoughts and opinions given in this blog post are mine.

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