Itch to Stitch Busan Top

I love testing for Kennis at Itch to Stitch. The newest pattern I tested, the Busan Top, is a new favorite!

The Busan Top is designed to be made with heavier knits. The sleeves won't have as dramatic a flair if you use a lighter knit.

This makes the Busan Top perfect for cotton lycra. It's hard to find patterns for tops that can be made with cotton lycra that are not plain t-shirts or raglans.

Check out these sleeves! The top has narrow shoulder and these big pleated sleeves that look great on all figures. If you have broad shoulders, they are minimized, and if you have narrow shoulders (like me) they add a bit of volume to make them look bigger (and my hips look smaller).

I also love the high neckline. This is the perfect top for cooler weather.

Here's a closer look at the pleats on the sleeve.

I love that the Busan Top is slightly loose. It's a comfortable fit that I feel good in.

Of course I couldn't make just one Busan Top!

Look how gorgeous the sleeve is in t…

Nature's Fabrics Rainbow Sale

Nature's Fabrics is having a sale on all rainbow fabrics! They are currently 15% off through December 21st. When I saw this Rainbow Tie Dye, I knew I needed it to make my mother a top. Good thing she and I are close to the same size - I got to wear it first.

The Rainbow Tie Dye is a lightweight polyester jersey. It is 180 gsm which is perfect for a flowy top.

I made the Love NotionsTidal Top with my Rainbow Tie Dye fabric.

I had the strawberry cotton rib knit from Nature's Fabric that matched the Rainbow Tie Dye perfectly. I used it not only for the neckband, but to also do a small band on the sleeves and to add a piping detail to the front bodice seams.

The Tidal Top has a center back seam which allows you to adjust the pattern for a sway back - which I have. I did my best to stripe match as perfectly as possible.

I probably could have scooped out another 0.5" for my swayback, but it's pretty darn close.

This is the first time I have added a piping detail to the Tida…

Zenith & Quasar Stretch Velvet

I have a weakness for the stretch velvet from Zenith & Quasar. I think I made 6 tops with it last year. I just made two more! The Zenith & Quasar velvet has amazing 4-way stretch and it's a nice heavy weight at 420 gsm. It works great for so many things - leotards, leggings, tops, dresses, and pants!

I love the navy stretch velvet and just couldn't resist buying more this year.  I already have another top and a dress made with the navy.

The Itch to StitchBellavista is one of my favorite fall & winter top patterns.

I love the 3/4 length bell sleeves on the Bellavista and decided to lengthen them to make long bell sleeves. The pattern does come with a long sleeved option, but it's just a plain straight sleeve.

 What I really love about the Bellavista is the big drapey cowl. The Bellavista can be made without the cowl, but I've never made one that way.

 The Bellavista has a center front panel, but I was afraid those extra seams would take away from the elegant…

George +Ginger Ginger Dress Hack - Shirt Length

Remember my George + GingerGinger Dress that I posted recently? Well, I said in my blog that I had a shirt hack, this is it! You can read the original blog post HERE!

When the Ginger Dress was being updated, I was a very naughty tester. Instead of sewing up my tester version first, I sewed up a hack instead.  The lengthen/shorten lines on the Ginger Dress are a bit different than most patterns as you have to take length off going both ways. I decided to see what would happen if I just cut my pattern at the shorten line and do nothing else. Here's a crappy webcam shot I took of it on without the band added. It's super cute just like this!

So, I didn't want to leave the Ginger Dress like that, and felt like it would have been too short hemmed - but maybe not. So I went ahead and added the bands. I think it's still super cute like this as well, but feel like it's more of a tunic length.

Either way, I think it's cute with my skinny jeans and I've worn it a few …

Sewing Tips & Tricks - Drawstring Waistbands

Here's a little video I did for Mamma Can Do It patterns. They are doing 12 Days of Tips Series. See all the videos on their YouTube Channel HERE

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George + Ginger 2019 Winter Collection

I've had a coat on my sewing bucket list for quite awhile now. When Kristi of George + Ginger put out a tester call for a cost pattern for her winter collection, it was just the push I needed to check it off my bucket list. This is The Cold Snap Coat!

What you see here is version 1 of the Cold Snap Coat. In testing, I just couldn't let this go to the recycle bin, so I made a minor modification and finished it.

I made this one out of upholstery fabric and did 3/4 length sleeves.

I absolutely love this coat! The Cold Snap Coat has single welt pockets. I was so glad that I finished this initial version so that I could get in some welt pocket practice. My welt pockets on this one are not perfect, but I learned from my mistakes.

I love this collar. There are two collar options small and large. This is the small collar.

Here is the final version of the Cold Snap Coat! For thoses that know me, you are probably in shock that I made a pink coat. I typically stay as far away from any sh…