George + Ginger GGVNeck

George + Ginger just updated the GGVNeck and it's on sale! The pattern now has an extended size range. This pattern is one of the $5 staple patterns, but is currently on sale for $3.75 through the end of September. I have no idea where the month of August, much less September went. I feel like I blinked and whole weeks have flashed by. I made my GGVNeck the first week of September. I even posted a fit pic on Instagram prior to hemming it. I hemmed it maybe a week later and I finally realized yesterday that I needed to photograph it!

Well, photos were not happening yesterday. Yesterday I did not want to get up. I didn't sleep well because one of our cats, Garfield, wanted to wake up at 3 am and make all kinds of noise. Before I knew it my husbands alarm was going off. He had to travel for work and was getting up earlier than usual. I crawled out of bed as he was leaving and realized it was too late for a shower before starting work. 

So, today I took a shower and made a point to take these photos. I absolutely love the GGVNeck. It's a super low and wide v-neck top with a slightly fitted body. Since fall is approaching, I decided to make this one with a ribbed sweater knit. I only had a little over a yard of fabric and it was just enough for this top.

Nothing exciting about the back. The back hem is even, I just somehow managed to get the center back hem to flip up inside. 

I have visions of myself wearing this top with a scarf and a cardigan with skinny jeans and tall boots - if I can ever find a pair that will fit me. 

The GGVNeck only has short sleeves, but it wouldn't be hard to extend them into 3/4 or long sleeves. I might have to do that for a few layering tops as the weather cools down. 

If you go to the George + Ginger site to grab the GGVNeck, be sure to also add the 40K Sway Top to your cart. It's the newest free pattern and I cannot wait to make one!

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Fabulously Feminist Art

I discovered Fabulously Feminist Art earlier this year on Instagram and fell in love with their artwork. Their Etsy shop tagline state "Art for Social & Eco Justice" and I just love it!. I bought a bunch of their stickers to put up in my cubicle at work and to place on my work journal and fridge. 

Callie, the amazing artist behind Fabulously Feminist Art put out a call for collaborators. She wanted real life photos of her t-shirts being worn by real people - especially those that are badasses (for which I apparently qualify). She's looking for collaborators again - see her post here for the info! 

I was able to pick from a wide selection os t-shirts and had the hardest time picking! The "Destroy the Patriarchy, Not the Planet" seemed perfect for me as an environmental scientist who happens to be a feminist. 

I don't own many t-shirts as I make the majority of my clothes. But I have found myself wearing more t-shirts during the pandemic as I can dress however I live while working from home. I actually felt a bit dressed up this day wearing my Feminist Tee with my Greenstyle Creations Chelsea Pants that I made with a Jeggings Knit from Zenith & Quasar (which happens to be at preorder). And I always have a cardigan handy when working from home as I get chilly. This one is store bought. One of these days I hope to master knitting and crochet. 

I realized that the flowers on my t-shirt reminded me of the flowers on my Rose of Sharon in my backyard and I tried to get a photo of their blooms in my background.

Most of the blooms are higher up and I decided to grab a few to put in my hair. 

Fabulously Feminist has some amazing designs that feature Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I am so deeply saddened by the passing of RBG and will have to pick up a t-shirt and some stickers in her honor. 

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Greenstyle Creations Nantucket Bucket Hat

With all my walking this Summer, the one thing that I often wanted, but didn't feel like finding was a hat. Something that would shade my face and neck to give some protection from the sun. I don't feel like getting wrinkles anytime soon. My problem is that I have an unbelievably small head. Seriously - it's tiny. I typically have to buy hats in the kids section, but they can be too shallow. I was excited when I saw the tester call for the Greenstyle Nantucket Bucket Hat.

This was the first Nantucket Bucket Hat that I made. I love it, but it is a bit too bit. My head measured 20.25" and I made the 21". I am thinking about adding a terry cloth band inside the brim to catch sweat and to make it a bit more snug. I used a stretch boardshort from Zenith & Quasar and I love it too much to just pass this hat on to someone else.

I then tried the size 20" and it fits better - in a way. It's now tighter, but not tight enough to fit snuggly again my head, but tight enough that my curly hair keeps it from sitting lower on my head. The one above was loose enough that it fit easily over my curls, this one is just loose enough to sit on top of them.

I made this one with some outdoor canvas fabric that I had leftover from making a cat bed many years ago. When my son saw my hat, he thought I had taken apart the cat bed to make my hat. Why he wouldn't immediately think that his mother might has yards and yards of extra fabric lying around to use escapes me.  

No cat beds were harmed in the making of this Nantucket Bucket Hat. I do like this one and will try to salvage this one as well. I'm thinking about adding an elastic band across the back inside the brim. After I made this version, sizes 19" and 18" were added to the pattern. I plan on making the 19" soon. 

I should also mention that the Nantucket Bucket Hat is reversible! On my first one I lined it with a pink chambray. On both of my hats I used a fusible interfacing on the brim only and only on one side. The hat has two brim options and I used the narrower brim. 

The Nantucket Bucket Hat also has to crown height options. There is standard (what I used) and a tall crown. The pattern also includes placement marks for optional grommets for air flow in the crown. I plan to go back and add them to both of my hats and any future ones that I make. 

My son has already requested a Nantucket Bucket Hat in denim. My husband said he might like one too for when he is fishing or at the garden. My husband is nearly bald and his head and neck sunburn super fast. So I'm hoping he will wear one to help that a bit.

The Nantucket Bucket Hat is a really quick sew! Seriously - you can make it in less than an hour and completely on a sewing machine. No serger needed. It's intended for wovens, but low stretch wovens work well too - just be careful when topstitching the brim. The pattern is free when you purchase $15 worth of Greenstyle patterns in the month of September with the code FREEHAT. If you just want the Nantucket Bucket Hat pattern, it is $8. 

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Love Notions Forte Top and Sly Fox Fabrics

Sly Fox Fabrics recently moved, changed ownership, and they just reopened shop. They are ready for fall with some great fabrics. As much as I love summer, there is a small part of me that looks forward to fall. planted pumpkins this year and I am so ready to make all the pumpkin things! My plants are just now growing, so until I have some pumpkins to play with, I better work on a few new items for my fall work from home wardrobe. 

This DTY knit called my name. The print is called Maverick in Rust. It combines a few things I love. Once upon a time before I made all my clothes, my husband would have told you that my entire closet was brown. I do have a think for brown clothing. It's my favorite neutral. The little hippie in me also loves anything paisley and bonus if it has a retro feel. This definitely checks both boxes. 

I recently got new glasses and they are a tortoise shell with bits of blue (you can see a very large chunk of blue right between my eyes - it kind of bugs me and almost makes me want to see if they have another frame without a blue blob right there). My glasses match my new top perfectly! 

My top is the Love Notions Forte Top and Dress. I bought this pattern a very long time ago. I am making a lot of progress on making those patterns that have been collecting digital dust on my computer. I immediately thought that the Forte would have just enough of a retro vibe to be perfect for this fabric. I mean- look at that bell sleeve!

To complete my outfit, I paired my Forte Top with my Designer Stitch Harper Pants

I'm dressed for fall, but I'll be waiting a while longer for fall to get here. Be sure to check out the fabric selection on the Sly Fox Fabrics website. They offer flat rate shipping and have a great range of products. 

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Made Whimsy The Mambo Returns

Fans of Made Whimsy fabric have been begging Mandy to bring back the Mambo Round and She finally did! The Mambo Returns brings back the Dirty Dancing classic inspired designs.

A new base fabric being offered is called Squishy. It is just that - squishy. It's a double sided stretch minky that is so soft and cuddly that I honestly just want to wrap myself in it. So I decided to make a vest. 

I have not had a whole lot of time to sew, so I needed a quick and easy pattern. I decided to make the George + Ginger Everyday Circle Vest. This is a free pattern and is found in the files section of the Facebook group. This LINK should take you straight to the pattern if you are a member of the group. 

This was the easiest way I could find to just wrap myself up in this squishy goodness. I only had a yard of this squishy knit and the Everyday Circle Vest is designed to take 1.5 yards. I took 15" out of the length from right in the middle to get it to fit onto 1 yard. That required me to place the armholes in a new position. and the proportions are a bit different than the pattern is drafted. 

I do still need to put a few finishing touches on this vest. I plan to put fold over elastic (foe) around the armholes to ensure they don't lose their shape. I'm also thinking about hemming it with foe - but will see how the armholes turn out before I try that. I may just go with a binding. 

I should probably mention that this is the Mambo Dancers pattern in teal. It also comes on cotton lycra and cotton woven. This print also comes in a pink and a pink striped version as well. 

Now - a little fun thing about my Everyday Circle Vest - since I made mine shorter, I thought I'd try wearing it upside down and inside out. 

There are a few companies out there that have some cardigans that can be worn upside down. Usually the upside down wearing style has a hood or large shawl collar. I could have laid this over my head, but it was not very attractive. 

However, I do love the large shawl like collar it creates. 

I think this is a really fun way to wear this vest and it has me itching to make one in a solid color. 

I can cover my shoulders and neck well this way. 

I also received some cotton woven samples to sew and of course that meant I needed to make some masks. Here's the striped version of the Mambo Dancers.

This is the teal Mambo Dancers that matches my vest. I used a new to me mask pattern and it is a little too big for my face.

Here I am with all the masks that I made!

I haven't counted them yet - but there are a bunch! I will be taking them to my next infusion appointment to give out to the other patients.

The Mambo Preorder closes on September 8th. Preorder at 

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. These links provide me with a small compensation if you make a purchase using my link. There is not cost to you when you do this. My thoughts and opinions given in this blog post are mine.

Greenstyle Creations Solo Tank for Election Season

It is still hot in Texas, August is actually the hottest month here. November is the month when our temperature make the biggest drop. But November often starts off warm. Texas weather can be unpredictable. On Halloween you never can say for sure if you need to dress warmly or not to go trick or treating and you have to be prepared to add layers at the last minute. So when I got this "A Woman's Place" panel from Zenith & Quasar Fabric, I knew it would probably get the most wear as an athletic tank top. I'm still working from home and walking at lunch - as long as the heat index is under 100. 

Coincidentally - I finished this tank top the day Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris would be his running mate. My tank top is the Solo Tank from Greenstyle Creations. This panel is available for preorder at Zenith & Quasar, but on a more traditional blue background. The panels are one yard and was big enough to make this tank and I used my scraps to make a few face masks. I plan to wear the heck out of this tank from now until Election Day - and beyond!

It's called the Solo Tank because the armholes are so low.    I was concerned that on my 5' tall frame where a lot of my shortness is in my torso, that the armholes would be so low that they would go down to my waist. I looked through the listing photos and found that on the persons of known average height, that the armholes went down to the band of their sports bra - and not below it. 

To ensure that I got that same fit I removed 1.5" from the length above the bust, just below the neckline. I added that 1.5" back to the length at the bottom hem as I liked the idea of having a longer tank that would give me some booty coverage.  

I also decided that a new pair of Cavallo Leggings would not hurt either. I made this pair with a denim print swim knit from Sew Fit Fabrics. This swim is a bit thin and slippery. I thought I would sew these using a faux flatlock on my serger to make things a little easier on myself. 

I love the design of the front pockets on the Cavallos. See the cool denim print of this swim knit! I had to cut my waistband across the grain though. I could have done it properly if I had used the side seam waistband, but didn't think about it until it was too late. 

I also love the butt shaping seams. You can see here that the thinness of the swim allows my pantylines to show through. Another reason why I need to have a tank that covers my booty. I did a reverse coverstitch on the waistband seam and the crotch seam. Right where the two connect is always the point of failure for me on leggings. So I always try to reinforce both to prevent them from popping. 

The Cavallos have become my favorite pattern for a solid color leggings or all one print legging. I don't find that using the pieces for colorblocking to be a very good look if you have big thighs like me. I love not having an inseam. It makes these so comfortable. One thing I omitted from this pair was the straight stitch line for the bottom of the pocket. I felt like it wasn't necessary. The only thing going in my pocket is my phone and it's not going to get lost down in that point. 

I immediately wore this set for a walk on a Friday morning (I had taken the day off). I passed more people than usual on my walks and got many compliments on my tank. I then returned home and took these photos. It was hot and humid and I was still hot and red faced for these. I did put on lipstick first. I also did a happy dance to know that none of my seams busted on my walk. I love using a faux flatlock, but those seams make me so nervous! I am thinking about doing a reverse coverstitch on the booty seam to the bottom of the pocket. I know I am okay without it, but it will keep me from feeling my butt every few blocks to make sure my booty hasn't busted out. Not that I might have done that on my Friday morning walk. 

Both the Solo Tank and the Cavallo Leggings are on sale for the month of August! The Solo Tank is going to be a great easy to wear tank for any activity. The Cavallo Leggings are just amazing and so comfortable. I plan to make a few more pairs in heavy supplex for my fall and winter walks. Plus, I think they will look really cute with my boots and sweaters for a casual look while I work from home.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. These links provide me with a small compensation if you make a purchase using my link. There is not cost to you when you do this. My thoughts and opinions given in this blog post are mine.

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