5 out of 4 Ninja Pants

5 out of 4 Patterns is known well for their amazing patterns that are versatile and can go to workout to everyday wear - and for the entire family. Plus most of the women's patterns (if not all) have maternity and/or nursing options.

I was a tester for the Ninja Pants. These are not your average leggings either.

They have so many options and the size range is amazing going from XXS to 5X!

3 rises - Extra Low (Maternity), Low, Mid, and High. The high rise goes to the natural waist.

7 lengths - Everything from 2" inseam to long (30" inseam).

Waistband can be made without elastic, with exposed elastic, or enclosed elastic.

A gusset - to ensure you don't split seams with any ninja moves!

And an optional waistband pocket.

The best part if they are FREE! Just join the Facebook Group to get the code.

These leggings are also pretty easy to sew and they go together pretty quick.

These are all my pieces.

First we make the waistband pocket. Hem the flap for the pocket.

Now sandwich the pocket pieces together. Back piece on bottom right side up, pocket flap right side down, and the pocket front right side down with the top edge folded down to the wrong side. Clip these together and sew around the sides and bottom. Do not sew across the top.

Turn it right side out.

You now have a pocket perfect to slip your car key into.

Now to sew the legs. Take each leg and fold it right sides together matching the crotch and ankle. Sew the seam.

Turn 1 leg right side out and attach the gusset. Put the gusset side point right on the seam.

Lay the gusset flat against the edge of the fabric - do not stretch the gusset or leg as you sew them together.

Gusset attached.

Now to sew the legs together. Insert the leg that is right side out from the step above into the other leg that is inside out. Pin together at the crotch and gusset and up the front and back. Sew it in the same manner as above. No stretching as you sew.

Crotch shot - inside.

Crotch shot on the outside.

The front of the pants is lower than the back. Decide which side you want your pocket to be on and where.

Pin the pocket in place.

Baste it in place.

Now sew the waistband together. With right sides together sew the curved sides.

Fold it in half and mark it in quarters. Do the same with the pants.

Now match the quarters and clip the 2 together.

Sew the band on, hem the legs and you are ready to go!

To demonstrate the wonderful range of motion in these Ninja Pants - I did some yoga for you.

I used some great space dyed Supplex from Zenith and Quasar for 2 pairs. Supplex is my favorite for athletic items (but is great for so much more).  These colors are not currently available - but many more are HERE.

I made the high rise - which I loved that it kept my entire back side covered even when in Childs Pose.

I made a pair in cotton lycra from Pink Zeppelin Fabrics. It's a gorgeous yoga print and was recently in a throwback reprint round - so look for retail of this print to be available soon.

I made this pair with some athletic knit from Made Whimsy. It can be purchased HERE. It's a great value at $12/yard. It's super stretchy and soft.

And this is me after doing all that yoga in the 90 degree heat we still have in Texas in October! I was definitely hot and sweaty.

MLM Fabric - DIY Resources

I hope you have enjoyed my Sew it Yourself Posts. Below are links to each one I have done - so far.

Sew it Yourself Piko

Sew Yourself a Perfect Top

Sew it Yourself MLM - My Compilation of patterns for most MLM items for ladies

Now that you know how to make your own items, I'll let you know where to find their fabric and similar fabrics.

The best and most reliable place to find the real deal - fabric is LDG Textiles. Check out their Facebook group and join to take advantage of flash stockings and sales.

You can also find it on eBay and Etsy from time to time. But LDG always has a good inventory.

Several custom knit groups are beginning to offer brushed poly similar to what MLM company makes their leggings out of.  The fabric content for MLM company leggings is 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. I'll list the fiber content that each group runs, if available.

Zenith and Quasar has offered brushed poly the longest and I think their's is the best. They carry a brushed poly lycra in heathered colors to be used for active wear. It is so soft and has a nice brushed finish. I have made leggings, pajamas, and my son underwear with it. It's wonderful and doesn't pill.

Lilly Himrod began printing custom prints on this brushed poly base in January of 2016, but had offered it in heathered colors for a year prior. This brushed poly is brushed on both sides. The printing process does flatten the fibers and make the fabric feel slightly slick initially, but after a few wash & dry cycles, it plumps up nicely.

The brushed poly base from Zenith & Quasar is 89% Polyester and 11% Spandex. The compositions are extremely close. The stretch is better on the Zenith & Quasar fabric, it is 100%.

Here is a pair of leggings I made with Zenith and Quasar brushed poly.

Zenith & Quasar also offers prints on a "plush" brushed poly. This is brushed only on one side, but the brushed finish is more plush and extremely similar to MLM company legging fabric. The fiber content is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It also has amazing stretch and recovery. Here are photos of leggings I have made with the "plush" brushed poly from Zenith & Quasar.

I have also bought brushed poly from Wanderlust. Their brushed poly is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It is more plush - almost velvety in feel. The fibers are very dense and thick. It has 50% stretch and recovery is good.  Here is a pair of leggings I made with the Wanderlust brushed poly. (Photo coming soon - I can't find it!)

A few more custom knit groups are currently offering brushed poly. They all just started, so I have not had a chance to try them out for myself. But below is the information that I have.

Starfluffle - First round of prints at preorder now (10/16). 96% polyester and 4% spandex.

Bitty Bee - First round of prints at preorder now (10/16). 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

So Cheeky - First round of prints at preorder now (10/16). 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

Wonderground Fabrics - First round of prints at preorder noew (10/23). 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

Riki Prints - First round now open (11/3).

Smoogie - First round now open (11/3). 93% polyester and 7% spandex.

Snowy Owl Customs - Just announced, no details yet.

There are also 2 groups that carry some heathered colors of brushed poly - these are soft, but more like an activewear knit.

Made Whimsy - I have bought their brushed poly and made the leggings in the photo below with it.

Sahara Fabrics - offers the same brushed poly heathered colors as Made Whimsy.

There are also several discount reseller with brushed poly - but be warned the quality is not comparable to the custom knit groups. But these groups also sell poly lycra blends - such as liverpool, jersey, and scuba - which are often used by MLM company to make their tops and dresses.

So Sew English - I have purchased from this company. The brushed poly was too thin for my liking for leggings, but it does make nice tops. Also - they current shipping times are pretty long - so don't order if you are in a hurry.

Pretty Posh Prints - I have purchased from this group too. And again, the brushed poly is too thin for my liking for leggings, but it will be great for a dress or top in the future.

Sincerely Rylee - I have purchased from here, but not brushed poly. Great customer service and pretty fast shipping.

Below are a few others, but I have not personally purchased from them.

Knit Pop

Love Adore Knit Fabrics

Cali Fabrics

Purple Seamstress 

Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Sew Vagabond

Vinegar and Honey

Love Adore Knit Fabrics


Sew Sisters Fabric

Sew Landry

There are so many groups and places to shop, that I know I am missing some. As I think about it or run across them, I will update. If you have a suggestion - please leave a message and I'll look and add if needed.


Itch to Stitch Arenal Top

I'm always thrilled at the chance to test a pattern for Kennis Wong from Itch to Stitch. Her style is impeccable and the patterns are always very well drafted and go together so well. She puts so much thought into exactly how the garment is sewn that the construction is just beautiful inside and out.

This is the Arenal Top. The top is designed for knits with 100% horizontal stretch and are light to medium weight.

The pattern is  $10 and on sale for 20% off - making it only $8. If you buy 2 or more patterns, get an additional 15% off your cart. Use the code "lakearenal".

The Arenal top has a yoke detail that can be made in a contrasting fabric. I made this version in a cotton lycra 4-way stretch knit. I purchased it from a custom knit group that has since closed shop. 

There are 2 versions in the Arenal top pattern. I made the swing version with a hi-low hem. The other version is a more fitted top with a straight hem. 

I love the slightly curved v-neck. If you follow Kennis's instructions, you will get a perfect v-neck. There are a few extra steps, but the end result will have you very pleased.

I love this version of the Arenal top, I made in a stretch crushed velvet. I've had this in my fabric stash for a very long time. It's my favorite color.

The instructions for hemming the swing version give you a beautiful mitered corner. 

The yoke is some plush brushed poly from Zenith and Quasar that I had leftover after making leggings.

I made this Arenal top using a rayon jersey I purchased recently from Super Textiles. If the print looks familiar, this was a remnant from Frances Malik from her Ivy Jane clothing line. I used a faux leather for the yoke on this top.

These watercolor stripes were difficult to match up perfectly, but I love how my top turned out. 

Many thanks to my friend Bryan Zumbar for taking these photos for me. We had a fabulous time in downtown McKinney doing the shoot.

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