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RA Blog Week - Hobbies #RedefiningRA

So maybe you know and maybe you don't - I have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and also suffer from some other autoimmune diseases. I made the decision earlier this year to become an RA Patient Ambassador since I feel like maybe, I can inspire others to not let their RA get in the way of doing the things they enjoy.

I decided to join a group of bloggers and talk about RA for RA Blog Week.

They provided daily prompts for subjects to blog about. I've had a crazy past week and did not have time to do a daily post, but today's prompt was perfect for me - Hobbies!

This is a blog mostly dedicated to my sewing - one of my biggest hobbies. So, I felt it was perfect. What I sew has changed over time. It goes with my mood and stage in life really. When I was diagnosed with RA, I made mostly quilts. This is one I made for a friend's baby girl.

I might have made myself a top or blouse from time to time. I had a period of time where my hands could not stand the the hours on end I would s…

Boss Lady Fabrics Scrap Busting

I got this gorgeous velvet from Boss Lady Fabrics. I used it to make this top. You can read the blog post for it HERE.

I really do try to keep my sewing room and fabric organized. I only put 1 yard cuts or bigger on the shelves in my sewing room and all smaller cuts go on shelves in the closet or bins. And I have waaay too many short cuts and remnants. I had a very odd cut of this velvet left over that was the perfect size for at least some sleeves. I had seen a photo of a raglan top made with velvet sleeve and decided to make one. I went to my closet of remnants and looked for a suitable piece for the body and found some pink french terry.

I really love how it turned out. This will be perfect to wear as the weather cools down.

I used the Elle Puls Bethouia for this top. The sleeves on it are my favorite.

If you are looking for good quality fabrics at great prices, check out Boss Lady Fabrics. There's a great variety on the website including mystery boxes. Check it out at http://w…

Jaded Threads Shoppe Back to the Beginning

Jaded Threaded is going back in time and reprinting the designs that started it all. The round is appropriately named - Back to the Beginning. This round has sooo many prints in it, it's hard to pick a favorite.

The preorder closes on October 1st. All prints are offered on cotton lycra, french terry, and bamboo lycra. Order at

I was sent "Shot Through the Heart" on cotton lycra. This is a gorgeous and very detailed small scale print. The design shows arrows in a variety of styles and so many deep rich colors on a pretty purple background.

When I received this strike off, I decided to try a new cardigan pattern and pair the print up with a solid grey jersey knit.

There are so many colors in this print. I almost paired it with a dark teal or a dark plum - it looked great with both. I will probably find several tops in my wardrobe that will go great with this.

Cuddle Muffins Custom Printing Peppermint all the Things 2.0

If you are looking for cute holiday prints that are perfect for all winter, check out Cuddle Muffins Custom Printing. The Peppermint all the Things Flash Round just opened and it's full of some great designs. You have to see the Peppermint all the Stripes - it's Gorgeous!

The Preorder closes on September 21st - so order soon HERE! All the prints are offered on cotton lycra and french terry.

Marissa sent me Peppermint all the Holly. I love the sophisticated look of this print. The background is a dark grey with a tint of blue. The holly stems are a silvery grey and bits of blue with berries in a bright red and a darker maroon. There are also branches that are shades of brown. This is a print you can wear all winter.

I recently returned home from a cruise. When we were at the safety briefing before setting sail, I saw a lady wearing a top made like this. Hers was a solid blue and the front v-neck had a cool crochet applique on the neckline. My husband said it was creepy for me t…

K's Closet Fall Flash Round

K's Closet has an awesome Fall Flash Round open now. You place your order by September 29th and it will ship to you by October 15th! How's that for a quick turn around?

There are so many gorgeous prints in the Fall Flash Round. Go check them out - I'm in love with the Autumn Leaves print. All prints are available on cotton lycra, brushed poly, bamboo lycra, french terry, and cotton woven.

Order at

I was sent the Autumn Blooms print on cotton lycra. Since Fall in Texas is still pretty hot, I decided to pair the print with some lace.

I really love how my top turned out even though I ran into a few issues. I didn't have a pattern and was trying to recreate a shirt I saw a lady wearing on my cruise. I sewed a few pieces wrong, but in the end - it still worked out.

The lace yoke is on the front and the back. In hindsight, I should have lined it with something, but I also like it like this.

This print has so many pretty fall colors. The back…

Boss Lady Fabrics Sweater Knit Piko Top

I love this sweater knit I got from Boss Lady Fabrics! It was only a yard, but that's all I needed to make the top I envisioned.

I love the Everything Your Mama MadePiko Top. I've blogged about it several times - but THIS POST shows you all the varieties I have made.

I love to make the 3/4 length sleeve version for fall. That requires a bit of fabric for the sleeves and I did not have enough of this sweater knit. I dug through my bin of remnants from Made Whimsy and found a piece of the Maroon cotton lycra.  It's almost a perfect match and worked out great.

I love the Piko top since it's roomy and very comfortable.

This is the hi-low hem version and I love it with skinny jeans and boots.

I'm pretty sure this top is going to be in heavy rotation in my fall wardrobe.

Boss Lady Fabrics is great for finding gorgeous fabrics at a great price. Be sure to join the Facebook Group to join in the Fast Finger Sales - they are lots of fun!

Little Roots Fabrics Holiday Round

There's so much to love about Little Roots Fabrics.

They print in the US on domestically produced cotton lycra with organic inks.
For every order placed a tree is planted in Colorado!
They run amazing prints!

This Holiday Round is just beautiful!  The preorder is open from September 15th - October 1st! Order HERE!

I love this bird print - Dreaming of a White Christmas. It's cute and whimsical, and not overly holiday-ish. I can see wearing this print throughout winter.

This is the Patterns for PiratesBoundless Dress.  I did make a few changes to it. I used a band instead of lining the bodice and I raised the neckline in the back so that it was not the same as the front. In hindsight - I probably should have gone ahead and lined the bodice, but I'll keep that in mind for next time I use a light colored knit.

The birds are so cut and spaced out enough that it doesn't feel childish. The colors are a teal and maroon, which I love.

The Christmas Cactus though is probably my …

Boss Lady Fabrics Chiffon and Lace Kimono

You can find all kinds of things at Boss Lady Fabrics. I happen to get this pretty fall colored chiffon and this olive lace trim. They happen to go great together.

When I saw the fabric with the trim, I knew I wanted to make a kimono. I decided to make the Simplicity 8172 version A.

I did not follow the pattern exactly. I decided to cut my fabric so that I did not have a seam down the center back. I also added the trim to each piece, before sewing them together.

I really love how my kimono turned out and now need to make a rust colored top to wear under it. In my photos I'm wearing New Horizon'sPortlander Pants made with Dark Blue Heathered Athletic Brushed Poly from Zenith & Quasar Fabric.

Boss Lady Fabrics is great for finding gorgeous fabrics at a great price. Be sure to join the Facebook Group to join in the Fast Finger Sales - they are lots of fun!

The Fabric Geeks Through the Stones

The Fabric Geeks current Round open for Preorders is "Through the Stones". The prints this round are all inspired by the Outlander series of books. There are a variety of tartan plaids and each one is different and beautiful. All prints this round will be offered on cotton lycra and french terry. The Preorder closes on September 14th.

Order at
If you want to be invoiced in Canadian dollars, order here

I was sent the Inverness Plaid and the Celtic Badges - both on cotton lycra. I cut the Inverness plaid on the bias for the back and sleeves of my Duck Butt Designs Carol's Favorite Tee.

I cut the plaid with the grain for the front yoke. While the shades of green are not a perfect batch between these two prints, they do look great together.

The Celtic Badges print has many elements you will recognize from the Outlander books - the dragonfly in amber, thistle, Jamie Fraser's clan badge and motto, a…