Jaded Threads Shoppe Back to the Beginning

Jaded Threaded is going back in time and reprinting the designs that started it all. The round is appropriately named - Back to the Beginning. This round has sooo many prints in it, it's hard to pick a favorite.

The preorder closes on October 1st. All prints are offered on cotton lycra, french terry, and bamboo lycra. Order at https://www.jadedthreads.com/collections/reprint-round

I was sent "Shot Through the Heart" on cotton lycra. This is a gorgeous and very detailed small scale print. The design shows arrows in a variety of styles and so many deep rich colors on a pretty purple background.

When I received this strike off, I decided to try a new cardigan pattern and pair the print up with a solid grey jersey knit.

There are so many colors in this print. I almost paired it with a dark teal or a dark plum - it looked great with both. I will probably find several tops in my wardrobe that will go great with this.

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