Cuddle Muffins Custom Printing Peppermint all the Things 2.0

If you are looking for cute holiday prints that are perfect for all winter, check out Cuddle Muffins Custom Printing. The Peppermint all the Things Flash Round just opened and it's full of some great designs. You have to see the Peppermint all the Stripes - it's Gorgeous!

The Preorder closes on September 21st - so order soon HERE! All the prints are offered on cotton lycra and french terry.

Marissa sent me Peppermint all the Holly. I love the sophisticated look of this print. The background is a dark grey with a tint of blue. The holly stems are a silvery grey and bits of blue with berries in a bright red and a darker maroon. There are also branches that are shades of brown. This is a print you can wear all winter.

I recently returned home from a cruise. When we were at the safety briefing before setting sail, I saw a lady wearing a top made like this. Hers was a solid blue and the front v-neck had a cool crochet applique on the neckline. My husband said it was creepy for me to try to sneak a photo of this mystery woman, so I sketched her top on my phone. When I got this strike off - I knew it was perfect for this top.

I love the subtle sexiness of this top and had plans to wear a red velvet jacket with it for some photos to bring out the the gorgeous reds in the holly. It was a hot 95 degrees and you couldn't have paid me to put that velvet jacket on.

When it gets cooler, I'll grab the red velvet jacket. This will be great to wear to any holiday parties this winter. Until then, I have a cute date night top.

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