Wholesale Sewing Supplies Round 6 - Romantic Spring Watercolors

Wholesale Sewing Supplies is probably the best place to buy notions and all kinds of sewing supplies. There are always buys in the Facebook Group for rotary cutters, blades, lace, trim, needles, etc. They also do custom prints on knit and sometimes cotton woven and chiffon.

This round has 5 beautiful prints all with a matching panel set. The panel sets are 1 yard and contain a fat half (adult sized) panel and 2 fat quarter (child sized) panels. The pre-order price is $19/yard for prints and panel sets. Fat half cuts of the prints are available for $11/fat half. The pre-order closes on April 14th.
I was sent a sample of one of the prints currently at pre-order through April 14th. It's the coffee panel (I got a fat quarter panel size) and a fat half of the coordinating coffee print.

I used the Halla Patterns Stardust Tank for my tank top. I used the color block version for the panel in the middle. The pattern is free with a code from the Facebook Group. See the pinned post for the code.

I love the fit of this tank and the color blocking is fun and was perfect for this size of panel.

I normally don't do fancy lay-flat photos, but thought I'd give it a try. Felix tried to eat my cupcakes before I could get my photos!

I had a little bit of fabric left over so I made a pair of scrundlewear (Stitch Upon a Time) to go with my tank. My "scrundies" are always my favorite undies to wear. They are the most comfortable thing ever. I don't think I'll ever have enough of them.

The details in the print and panel are just amazing. I love them and they would make super cute pajamas, robe, leggings, and more.

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