The Babes of Geeks - Checkers

I recently joined the tester team for The Babes of Geeks. My first experience with their fabric is when the owner, Heather, donated some remnants to be sewn up for the Weekly Auction for Gwen Edwards. I volunteered and was sent some amazing fabric. One print I loved so much, that I bid (and won) my own item! But I needed more!

I was already a member of their Facebook Group - but for some reason they just never popped up in my news feed. I loved so many of their prints and knew I needed to keep my eye out for their future rounds.

I was ecstatic when Tracey asked me to join their tester team. This is my first time sewing a strike off for The Babes of Geeks. This is the Green checkers from their current Checkers flash round

The checker print is offered in five colors: Green, Blue, Pink, Red, and White. They are part of the "Basic Collection" and intended to be used alone or as a coordinate. The price is $17/yard. The fabric base is a medium weight cotton lycra at about 220 - 240 gsm. 

When I sew this print, I immediately thought it would make a cute vest. I used a free vest pattern from This is the Hornpipe Vest. I modified it slightly. There was not a size chart - so I guessed on the size and it ended up a bit big on me.

I loved that the back had a center seam. That made it easy for me to do a slight sway back adjustment.

I originally thought I'd add some Christmas designs on the front and back to wear for the Holidays.

Then I realized - it would also be super cute to wear for St. Patrick's Day!

The scale of the checkers is 0.5" for each square, making it perfect for items big and small.

I loved that the vest pattern had the side inserts. I like the black sides and back belt to break up the print.

Green is my favorite color and I love how bright and vivid this green is. It really pops.

This is a flash run and it closes on December 4th. Don't miss out on stocking up on this basic print in your favorite colors.

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