Duck Butt Designs Offside Raglan

I love patterns from Duck Butt Designs - they always have unique features that make them fun and never boring. I have loved their Really Awesome Women's Raglan (RAWR) since it came out. But now there's a new raglan and I'm in love. It's the Offside Raglan. I just finished making 3 and I'll probably be making many more.

The first one I made was to wear to work for International Women's Day. There was a speaker for the event and the theme was "Nevertheless, She Persisted". Wanderlust Fabrics had printed fabric with the quote"She was warned, She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, She persisted". I knew I needed a top with this fabric and contacted Georgia Lee the owner. I met Georgia recently and she is just the sweetest person ever. She said she had the fabric in 3 different colors. I selected the white with black script.  There is just a tiny bit of this print in stock but it can be purchased HERE.

I paired the "Nevertheless" print with some black & white stripes from Made Whimsy. These stripes are yarn dyed and have incredible 4-way stretch.

I then used the Offside Raglan to make a pi Day shirt! 

The pi print is from Zenith & Quasar and the stripes are from Piccadilly Textiles.

Here's a close up of the wave-ish design that's made by the way the sleeves and front bodice are made. I think it's such a cool feature. I decided to do a reverse coverstitch on the front seam sleeves and I obviously need to practice it more - so don't look too close or you'll see my flub.

I also needed a new shirt for St. Patrick's day and this Shamrock print from Little Roots Fabrics was purchased just for the occasion.

However, at the time, I did not realize that the print was a little naughty. Good thing St. Patrick's Day is on a Saturday this year!

I'm definitely safe from being pinched this year.

I think the Offside Raglan is just awesome. It also comes in a kids version - Offside Mini. So if you are looking for a unique raglan pattern - this may just be the pattern for you.

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