Designer Stitch Synthia Ruffled Top

The Synthia Ruffled Top from Designer Stitch just released in time to sew up for Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The unique ruffle is sure to be a show stopper.

Of course when I tested this pattern and took these photos it was a very cold and windy day.

 The body of the Synthia Ruffled Top is slightly fitted giving a relaxed fit.

 The construction of the ruffles is brilliant, but be prepared to read over the instructions on adding them a few times before attempting. My first Synthia Ruffled Top had the ruffle sewn on incorrectly. Although it is still quite wearable, it resulted in my ruffle being too short in the back.

I love how the ruffle meets at the shoulder seam and goes all the way around the arm.

The fabric I used is a mystery synthetic blend gingham with a slight sheen. When my grandmother passed, I went through her sewing room and collected some fabric and notions that I wanted. This fabric came from my grandmother's stash.

 When making the Synthia Ruffled Top it is suggested to use a fabric for which the front and the back are nearly indistinguishable. This is because of the construction of the ruffle, the back side of the fabric will be visible when worn. 

Grab the Synthia Ruffled Top from Designer Stitch for an introductory prices of $7. If you receive Pattern Pages Digital Magazine - they have a discount code for it as well.

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