George + Ginger Does New York Fashion Week!

I'm so ridiculously excited - that I can hardly contain myself. Kristi Fitzpatrick of George + Ginger Pattern Company has a show in New York Fashion Week in the Emerging Designer category - and I'm going to see it! In preparation of my trip - I decided to make a New York wardrobe that is very heavy in G + G patterns.

This is the outfit I made to wear to the actual "show" on Sunday. Since the show is at the Roosevelt Hotel where I'll be staying and I won't have to go outside. The only nude shoes I have are open toe heels.

I got these two fabrics from a destash with NYFW in mind. They are both the same base color and a ponte fabric, but the pants have a gold print on them.

My top is the G + G RuLo. This is the tunic length with bell sleeves. I went tunic length instead of shirt length because I wanted to hide my rear. My pants are the Stitch Upon a Time Goldilegs and a as this was my first time making them - I felt a little self conscious in them. They do fit great - I was just worried my rear covered in gold was going to be a bit too much.

Here's a better photo to show the gold color.

I also bought these earrings for the trip.

And this necklace was bought to go with the earrings and this outfit. I felt it needed a necklace.

I have not decided when to wear the following outfits. I'll probably decide the night before I leave. This outfit is a modified Sincerely Sawyer Sweater and Greenstyle Creations Chelsea Pants.

The Top was made with Olive stretch velvet from Made Whimsy. The pants are made with a fleeced activewear from Zenith & Quasar.

The Sincerely Sawyer Sweater is intended to have an opening and tie on one shoulder. I decided to attempt to make it without the tie shoulder. The band on the neck probably would need to be made so that it's shaped to lie correctly. In my attempt to hide the flaws in my band, I added a pin and gathered the band just a tiny bit.

I figured since it's New York and Fashion Week - that meant I could be as over the top and outlandish as I wanted. So it was the perfect opportunity for me to use this Oil Slick velvet and solid black velvet from Zenith & Quasar.

This top is the G + G Swagger Sweater. I only had a yard of the oil slick velvet and I screwed up - just a little - when cutting out the 2 flounces. Always cut the longer one first.

I really love how fun this top is and it really turned out way better than I had imagined.

I'm going to have to come up with some kind of excuse to find a reason to wear it once I'm back from NYC.

I really love how the flounced back turned out. With this iridescent shimmer it kinda makes me feel like a peacock.

I have had this vintage pendant forever and love that it is iridescent like my top.

This is definitely getting worn a lot when I return. I'll even wear this to work. All my coworkers can think I'm crazy - I don't care. This is the G + G Drama Dress. This was my first time making it and is the tunic length.

It has pockets! I figured they might come in handy. But may favorite part is this fabric. I got it from a destash (same one where I got the gold fabric for my pants above). It's black liverpool with rose gold foil sparkle. I LOVE rose gold!

There are a few other colors in it too - a bit of gold and some tiny amounts of green.

I paired it with a pair of Black Supplex leggings I made over a year ago. The Supplex is from Zenith & Quasar. Supplex - especially what Z & Q carries is the absolute best for leggings that hold up to a lot of wear, never fade, and never pill.

I also bought this rose gold and jewel necklace to go with my Drama Dress. And I bought rose gold earrings- but they are hidden in my hair.

This is the G + G Rebel Choker Tee in Golden stretch velvet from Made Whimsy. This was my first time making this top as well.

It's nice and long so I decided to pair it with these Plush Brushed Poly (PBP) leggings. The peacock PBP is from Zenith & Quasar.

And I'm wearing them with my Uggs  -because, it will be cold and I'll be walking a lot and probably won't want to wear my heeled boots every day.

My husband really liked the low v on this top. I think I'll be making a few more.

I'm taking a few other pieces for layering - like a pair of leggings made with the fleeced activewear knit. I'll have a blog post up a week or so after I return to show you all I saw and did while in NYC. I'll have photos of the show and I'll be sure to snap a few when I go to Mood to do some fabric shopping.

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