Hey June Aurora Tee

It's been over a year since I've made the Hey June Aurora Tee. I kind of forgot I even had it. I was thumbing through a box of patterns trying to decide on one to use with some fabric from Made Whimsy and an HTV design I had, when I stumbled across it. I loved the one I made before, so I'm not sure why this pattern hasn't found its way into my sewing more often.

First, let's talk about this HTV design. This is one of the 40 or so I took with me on vacation to weed. When I cut the files before I left, I pretty much just randomly picked colors for each design with no real intent on what I'd use the design for at a later date. I love to read and really loved this cut file. It really gets down to why I love to read. You really can lose yourself in them, lose track of time and place. I always find that I can relate to a character in any book and feel like I'm part of the story.

So it was a happy coincidence that I cut this design out on a brown HTV. It also was a complete coincidence that the heathered oatmeal solid from Made Whimsy perfectly matched the book print from the Made Whimsy Game of Thrones inspired preorder a few months ago. I'm not a fan of Game of Thrones (I've never watched it), but I do love books and this print was perfect for me.

I love how my Aurora Tee came out. The top was perfect for my HTV design and was great for showing off the book print too. I need to remember to use this pattern more.

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