Greenstyle Creations Scarlet Swing Dress

The Scarlet Swing Dress from Greenstyle Creations is wonderful! I made 2 versions. I made the short hi-low hem dress and a tunic.

It's on sale for $8.50 - Buy it HERE!

Here is my dress. I made it with an ITY (interlock twist yarn) knit I purchased from Steve at Super Textiles.

I had to do some spinning around to show off the swing of the dress.

This dress is so easy and quick. And it's so comfortable to wear.

My versions are pretty simple - but there are options for "cold shoulder" and bell sleeves.

You can really see the high-low hem in this photo.

Here is the tunic version I made with a brushed poly from Sly Fox Fabrics.

I really, really love the tunic version. I'll probably make 100 more.

You will probably see me wear various versions of this top all year long.

But the best part of testing this pattern, was that my friend Sharon (Sweet Mama Sharon Blog) was also a tester for the Scarlet Swing Dress.  So we had to get together for photos.

These ended up being my favorites.

You see, Sharon and I met 2 years ago through Facebook when I was selling some fabric I had extra of. When I saw she lived near me, I refused to sell her my fabric.

Instead, I told her I'd take her to my secret place to buy some. Really, I was just taking her to the Dallas fabric district - which she, like many, didn't know existed.

And ever since, we regularly go fabric shopping together.

And sometimes we sew together.

The End!

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