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I was selected to do pattern testing for Fresh Stitch Patterns. I tested the Over Lap T-shirt and the Harem Cuffed Shorts. These t-shirt is sized for preemie to 3T, and the shorts are sized for newborn to size 6. The pattern is set to be released on June 8, Both patterns together will be $10, each purchased separately will be $7.50 each. For the first week they will be offered at 20% off.  They can be purchased at Etsy and 

The fabric I used to make the 3T size came from Golden D'or's 99 cent per yard table. It's a nice weight cotton interlock. The pattern is in panels and reminds me of Australian Aboriginal paintings. The fabric I used for the 6 month size also came from Golden D'or and was in one of they grab bags.

These are PDF patterns. You print them out and then tape the pages together. You then either cut the pattern from the paper or trace it onto something, then cut it out. Since I was making 2 sizes, I did it both ways.

Since it's been a while since I sewed something small, I decided to make the 3T size first. Since the pattern was draft I do not show it in my photos. I thought I got a photo of the fabric pieces before I sewed them, but can't find them. First I made the Harem Cuffed Shorts. First step was to sew the front and back together at the sides and along the inseam.

When serging a curved section like the inseam, its important to gather the fabric and make the edge a straight line against the blade. As shown below.

Here is what it looks like.

Closeup of inseam.

Next the pattern called for the bottoms to be marked at 1" and 7/8".

The one inch line is where you fold down inside to make the elastic casing, and the 7/8 inch mark is where you stitch. To stitch this part I used my sewing machine with my walking foot and used a zig zag stitch at 2.5 wide and 2.5 length to allow for stretch.

Then add the elastic and close the elastic casing while adding a tag to identify the back.

The last step is to add the cuffs.

Now lets make the t-shirt. Which I barely took photos of. The first step was to add the binding to the neck and the sleeves. This was serged on then folded to the inside and zig zagged on the outside down.

The front was laid down then the back was put on top so the flap made an overlay. These were stay stitched, then the sleeves were added.

Then the side seams were sewn and the bottom was hemmed.

Finished set.

Then I made the 6 month size. Here are all my pieces laid out.

I started with the shirt since it is more difficult than the shorts. First I serged the neck binding to the front, back, and sleeves.

Then I stitched it down using a zig zag and a walking foot. I again used 2.5 wide, 2.5 length for stretch.

Next it was time to put the front and back pieces together. I matched my notches.

And stay stitched them together.

Now to add the sleeves.

Next was to sew the side together. Making sure the arm bands match up and stay even when sewing is always tricky. So I used my sewing machine and did a few stitches just to keep them where I want them. Then I serged the sides. Last step - hem the bottom.

Finished! It seems so tiny.

Next I made the shorts.

I serged the sides and the inseam.

Then I marked where I needed to fold and stitch. I folded at 1.25 inches then stitched it at 1 inch.  The measurements on the 3T were a little too tight for the elastic.

After stitching the casing, I added the elastic.

I sewed the ends of the elastic. Then sewed the casing closed.

Next was to add the bands to the legs. First the ends of the bands were serged together.

Then the bands were serged onto the legs.


Set -

And here are the boys wearing them. Aren't they cute?

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