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I tested the Summer Lovin' Shorts pattern by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop. Their pattern can be found at It includes sizes XXS to XXXL.

I'm not a person that normally goes around wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses. I don't like my legs showing - they are ugly. But I tested this pattern anyway since I do like to wear shorts around the house in the summer.. Since I was unsure if I would wear them much, I decided to use some inexpensive fabric. I found this blue and white Hawaiian print french terry in my stash that I got in a Golden D'or grab bag. I then found some red rib-knit in my stash left over from another project and decided to use the 2 together.

 Here are all my pieces.

The first step was to sew the pocket piece to the front piece.

After they were attached, the ribbing was added to the edge of the pocket.

Here - the instructions were hard to follow. I serged the ribbing on, then turned it to the inside, then decided to use my coverstitch to secure the loose end.

I still had a little extra overhang, but it wasn't bad.

Then I added the second pocket piece.

I serged the bottom of the pocket and the inside edges together.

Then I stay stitched the top of the pocket to the top of the shorts/

Then I serged the front and back together at the sides.

The pattern had topstitching the side seam down as an option. So I decided to use my coverstitch to do it.  I love that my new coverstitch is only made to do coverstitch and has a wide opening like a regular sewing machine. This would have been near impossible on my old combo Pfaff.

It turned out so nice.

Next I sewed the inseams. So now I had two legs.

The pattern called to turn one right side out and put it inside the other one - that was inside out.

Then the instructions said to serge the crotch from the front to the back. It recommended doing 2 passes of stitching to make sure it stays together. I had never sewn pants together this way before.
It worked! Next was to sew the waist band. First I sewed the ends of the red ribbed band together.

Then the pattern had me sew the ends of the elastic together.

Then it had me place the elastic inside the folded band and sew the opening closed. This is the method I often use to attach waistbands to Felix's pajama pants.

Then the band is serged onto the shorts.

The last step was to hem the shorts. I pinned my hem, then used the coverstitch to hem them.

Then I pulled all my threads through to the back and knotted them in place.


And here I am wearing them - just don't look at my legs! Also - I normally would not have my shirt tucked in, but I was trying to show off the shorts.

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