Made Whimsy Athletic Knits

Made Whimsy now has a large lineup of poly lycra and nylon lycra athletic knits. These are great for sportswear or everyday wear.

Mandy Pickle, the owner of Made Whimsy, is located in North Texas. She has a great selection of fabric and ships really fast. With her being so close to me, I often get my orders the next day.

She recently sent me some of the new athletic knits to try. I decided to try out a new pattern I recently got from Greenstyle Creations.

I made both the inner and outer tanks of the Jillian Tank. This pattern is amazing and very versatile.

For the inner tank I used the Magenta Soft Touch Moisture Wicking Poly Spandex athletic fabric. This fabric is nice and thick with an SPF rating of 50. It can be used to make swimsuits as well.

It's thick enough and supportive enough that it works great without a bra in this tank.

For the outer Jillian tank I used the Raspberry brushed poly athletic knit. It matches the Magenta Soft Touch perfectly. The brushed poly athletic knit is so nice and thick and super soft.

My leggings are made with the Pink & Violet Space Dyed Poly Spandex.  The leggings are the 5 out of 4 Ninja Leggings. This pattern is free with a code from the group.

All three of these fabrics go great together.

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