Pink Zeppelin Patriotic Round

The patriotic round is open now at Pink Zeppelin Fabrics through April 10th and is being flash printed to ensure you have plenty of time to sew it up. Available on a variety of bases (cotton/Lycra shown here). This is the Red/White/Blue Sparkle Stripe. #RedWhiteandPzSparkles
You can place your orders here:
Use codes LAYAWAY and FATHALF; codes apply to whole order, place multiple orders as necessary. Orders are automatically combined.
Yvi sent me 1 yard of the Red/White/Blue Sparkle Stripe Cotton Lycra. I knew I wanted to make a top for the summer and had the 4th of July in mind.
I really love the sleeveless Sweetheart Peplum from Patterns for Pirates for the summer. I also had an idea that I wanted to try out.
I love the look of the Pink Zeppelin Sparkles - it looks like a glittery/shimmery fabric from a distance - but it's just printed to look that way.

So from the front - there's nothing different about this Sweetheart Peplum from any other.

But the back - is where I tried out a new trick. I decided to do a cutout star in the back.

I did not take photos as I did it - so here are some photos of the process on some scraps of fabric.

First - I found a star I could print and use as a template.

I put the star on the lining piece of my top and outlined the star using a Frixion pen. In my photos here I used a sharpie to make it more visible,

Here is my outline.

I laid the lining on top of the back bodice piece with right sides together. I pinned them together.

I them sewed on the star outline.

Then I cut out the inside of the star cutting about 1/4 inch from the stitches.

I then clipped the corners of the star.

And cut the points off of these areas.

Then I turned it right side out. At this point - I'd suggest top stitching the star.

If you make a full lining piece you may not have to do that - and you could probably get away without the decorative stitching I had to do inside of my star. I only used the circle from cutting the peplum to make my star. In hind sight - I should have cut a full back bodice piece from a solid white knit.

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