The Tree and the Wolf Comfy Winter Blog Tour

I can't believe this is my first time using The Wolf and the Tree (TWT) patterns! I've been eyeing the TWT sock patterns for awhile now. So when I saw Saskia, the designer, post about looking for bloggers fr a blog tour - I signed up. When Saskia asked me which patterns I wanted to sew, I told her the Ladies Two Tone Tunic and a pair of socks. I didn't care which ones, they all looked great. So Saskia sent me the Adult Going Rogue Socks and Ladies Knockout Socks. All patterns are on sale for $5 during the blog tour. The sale ends on December 10th!

The Ladies Two Tone Tunic is full of options! I decided to make the high low hem shirt with the gathered skirt liner.

I used this beautiful creamy white sweater knit from Sincerely Rylee. Darcy, the owner, has these amazing mystery boxes filled with gorgeous sweater knits. She does them by color palatte and also does "Darcy's Pick" boxes. This was from a "Darcy's Pick" and I love it!

I looked through my stash of chiffon scraps and found this lovely floral. It was just a strip, but just enough to make the skirt on the Ladies Two Tone Tunic. I didn't go by the pattern measurements and instead, just used up what fabric I had. So my skirt is somewhere between the 2 length options and a little bit fuller.

I seriously love how the Ladies Two Tone Tunic turned out and can see myself making more. This sweater knit was a bit on the stiff side, and I'm thinking a lighter and drapier sweater knit would look even better.

I've always been intrigued about making my own socks. I have tiny feet at a shoe size 5.5, but I have fat calves at 16". Not many companies make socks by shoe size and I often find myself just buying kids socks, but then they are tight on my calves. So being able to make socks is a very interesting idea.

First I made the Adult Going Rogue socks. These are a simple sock and go together super quick. I just did the cuff band.

It's so hard to take a photo of your feet in socks. I love that they go right up to my knee.

Next, I made the Ladies Knockout Socks. These I made the top of toe seam version and again with a cuff band.

Here you can see the seam across the top of my toes. I find this style slightly more comfortable, but I think they type of shoe I wear also impacts how they feel on.

I wore both pairs for a day and both were quite comfortable. I did have to pull them up a bit during wear. I think I may try to make a pair with a smaller cuff and see if that helps. I avoid using elastic as I'm allergic to latex. I'm definitely thinking that a shorter length might fit better too. These go all the way to my knees.

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And don't forget all The Wolf and The Tree patterns are on sale for $5 through the end of the blog tour!

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