New Horizons Tawsha Dress

New Horizons has a great new pattern out - the Tawsha Dress. There's a women's and kid's version. You can buy them individually or as a bundle. All are on sale through December 31st.

This dress has some really great options you give you many different looks. I did the simplest version. There are options for a contrasting shoulder and a faux button back with a ruffle.

First of all - My husband took the following photos with my phone and, well - he's truly horrible at taking photos.

The Tawsha Dress is an above the knee dress. It's drafted for 5' 5" tall. I'm 5' tall and removed 2" from the length. I made this version with a brushed poly I bought off the remnant table at Wherehouse Fabrics.

It was literally freezing the day these photos were taken and jeggings and boots were necessary. Which, I personally think this style of dress looks great over jeggings and leggings.

I have a testing fail to share with you - only because I really loved how it turned out. You see, I was in a hurry to finish this test on the timeline given. The Tawsha pattern was posted promptly, but without the instructions. I printed the pattern, taped it together, and checked to see if instructions has been posted. They were not. If I had any chance of meeting the deadline for fit photos, I had to start ASAP. I saw that there were two different lines for the hem. I incorrectly assumed that the pattern had 2 different lengths, and proceeded to cut my pattern on that shorter line - since I'm short.

I was so wrong! So, I ended up with a cute top/tunic. I got my fit photos posted by the timeline and NO ONE commented on how short my dress was. I did these photos as my "final" pics, and when I posted them, the designer asked me if I shortened the dress. By this time, the instructions had been posted and I realized my big mistake.

The neckline on this is a bit wider than the final pattern. The hemline on this initial version was also a bit more curved.  But I really love it and think I'll make a few more "mistakes".I also did the contrast shoulder on this version and used some faux stretch leather.

I really like that the shoulder contrast is all one piece that goes over the shoulder. It looks so sleek. You can get away with using a non stretch fabric, like a pretty woven, for the shoulder accent.  The brown & black stripe I used for this version is a poly knit that I found in my grandmother's enormous fabric stash that she left behind when she passed.

So after my huge mistake, I had to quickly make a new Tawsha Dress and have my husband grab photos first thing when we arrived at my mom's house for Christmas. Hence the crappy photos at the beginning of my post. Grab the Tawsha Dress while it's on sale, and if you are adventurous, try my mistake.

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