Designer Stitch Ravanna Pants

I love testing patterns for Designer Stitch! They are always perfectly drafted and on trend. I was excited to test the Ravanna Wrap Pants. I've seen pants like this all over Pinterest and shopping sites. They look so fun and perfect for summer.

The Ravanna's have 2 waist options (fitted and elastic). They also have straight and curved hem options. The day I went to take my photos, there was a storm blowing in.

That wind was blowing something fierce! But the wrap around design is perfectly drafted to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.

From the back - you can't tell the Ravanna pants have a wrap around leg. Unless the wind is trying to blow you away.

I wanted to show how the leg pieces were overlapped. I had to physically move the pieces around my leg to do this.

Just showing a little leg. My top is the Tidewater Tee from Winter Wear Designs. I made it using a Navy rayon spandex from Simply by Ti.

I made these pants with a polyester satin. These have an elastic waist and the straight hem. I can't wait to make a pair with a denim chambray with a curved hem. I think they will be perfect to go with all my summery tops.

Grab the Ravanna Wrap Pants for $8 for a limited time!

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