Itch to Stitch Spotlight September

I always look forward to the Itch to Stitch  Blog Tour. This year's theme is September Spotlight! Each blogger is highlighting a pattern or two that was released back in the early days of Itch to Stitch. Select patterns are on sale during the tour each day for 25% off.

Here are the Bloggers for the ITS September Spotlight Itch to Stitch Blog Tour

September 16th 
September 17th 
September 18th 
September 19th 
September 20th 

I chose to make two patterns for the blog tour. First up is the Marbella Dress. The Marbella Dress was the first pattern released by Kennis on October 8, 2014! It is a very classic silhouette and very versatile with two skirt options.  

It has pockets!

Both skirt options are knee length. As you may know - I'm not a fan for showing off my knees or legs. So I decided to make a maxi length Marbella Dress.

The pattern comes in cup sizes - which is especially handy for those that normally need to do an FBA. It has a wide boat neckline with the front and back both having a yoke with a seamed bodice. The Marbella Dress can be made lined or unlined and has an invisible back zipper. I am quite proud of my pattern matching of the back center seam. I have a sway back and should have done more of an adjustment than I did. I'll know better for my next one.

I used an Anna Maria Horner Ghost Wing in Dusk on a linen/cotton blend. I found this fabric at Super Textiles in the Dallas Fabric District for only $3/yard. This fabric is how I met Sharon (Sweet Mama Life - be sure to catch her blog today as well!). I'll have to share that story another day.

I bought about 8 yards of this fabric. I made curtains with it for my sewing room and the rest has been sitting on my shelf waiting for me to use it. When I decided to make the Marbella Dress, I knew this would be perfect.

I tried to very conscious of the design as I cut my pattern pieces and looking back, I wish I had done it a bit differently. I now wish I had tried to pattern match my front yoke with the center front panel and I wish I had done a solid grey for the side panels. I still love how my dress came out and I have a felling it will get lots of wear.

September in Texas us still very hot. Our average high temps don't get below 90 until mid October/ So I will have plenty of opportunities to wear my new dress. My arms often get cold when I am indoors at work and wanted something cute to wear on top - especially as we go into fall.

I've had the Salamanca Cropped Jacket on my "must sew" list since it released on March 7, 2016. It released concurrently with the Zamora Blouse which I tested. Back then, I was scared to try to test two patterns at the same time.

I've become quite fond of cropped jackets and I have been wanting a denim cropped jacket for some time. The Salamanca was perfect for this lightweight medium blue denim that I grabbed at the Dallas Fabric District. I tried my Salamanca on before I gave it one final press before doing the buttons and quickly decided that I loved it without buttons and didn't think I would ever wear it buttoned up.

I did remove 1.5" from the length of my Salamanca for my height.  I think I could have removed another 0.5" and might for my next one. One my maxi length Marbella, I gave it a bottom center slit to ease in movement - but I probably would have been fine without it.

The Salamanca is super comfortable and this denim will go with so many items in my closet.

The Salamanca is also lined. I used a pretty quilting cotton from my stash for the lining.

The construction of the Salamanca was so interesting and resulted in a perfectly finished item inside and out. It had me scratching my head at some points, but a few steps later I was mind boggled by the genius of it.  But all of Kennis's patterns are like that. I learn something new each time.

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  1. You can't even tell you have a zipper back there! Excellent work! After seeing your buttonless Salamanca, I definitely need to make one for myself this fall.

  2. Both dress and jacket pair perfectly. I like the blue of the jacket a lot!

  3. Love your maxi length and that pattern matching at the zipper is perfection! You are correct, the cropped Salmanaca is perfect with it and that blue is a great color on you! Nice job!!

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