Madhouse Fabrics Science & Math Preorder

By now you all know that I can't pass up a good science themed fabric, right? Well, Madhouse Fabrics & More has a whole round of math & science prints at preorder. There are so many awesome designs that it's hard to pick a favorite.

All prints are offered on cotton lycra and cotton woven.

This is the Grey X-Rays. As someone who has to get routine x-rays to check my joints for progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I love the idea of wearing this to my next X-ray appointment.

There are real x-ray images of a head, chest, hands, arm, knee, shoulder, foot, and more!

I made the Elle Puls Bethouia with this print and paired it with a charcoal athletic brushed poly from Zenith & Quasar Fabrics.

The X-ray images seem to glow on the fabric.

I love how unique this print is.

I also got Blue Atoms in cotton lycra. The weight and feel of this cotton lycra is great and works perfectly for apparel and bags.

I made the Itch to Stitch Chai Shirt. I love that I can make this shirt with just a little over a yard of 60" wide cotton woven. If I made the waistband and collar with another fabric - it easily fits onto 1 yard.

The design of the Blue Atoms is quite striking due to the background.

I think it makes a lovely shirt for me to wear to work.

I also received Rainbow Atoms on cotton lycra.

This print is a bit more fun and definitely colorful.

I decided to make the Itch to Stitch Irena with it. I paired it with the Caribbean athletic brushed poly from Zenith & Quasar Fabric.

I will be wearing this to work a whole lot once the weather cools down here.

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