K's Closet Fabrics and More

K's Closet is a women's boutique in Hillsborough, North Carolina Owned by Sharyn Arai. She orders custom designs for her boutique and offers the fabric for sale as well.

Sharyn currently has a set of prints at preorder that are geared towards women to do some selfish sewing. These designs are being offered on cotton lycra and a brushed poly base.

I was sent a sample of the Clementine print on brushed poly. The brushed poly is nice and thick with a plush nap. It has excellent stretch and would be perfect for leggings and works well for other apparel as well.

The Clementine design has a mixture of bright autumn tones with rich fall colors. I decided to pair the print with some scraps of faux leather knit to make the Love Notions Margot Peplum.

The hexagons in this print are fun with some having a design on them.

I really love the pops of the orange and mustard colors.

This print pairs well with my jeans and amber jewelry.

The preorder for this gorgeous design - and many others - closes on June 10th.

Be sure to join the K's Closet - Custom and designer fabrics and sewing supplies Facebook group to see all the designs offered sewn by other seamstresses and to learn about upcoming designs.

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