Madhouse Fabrics

Madhouse Fabrics has a preorder open now that's "for the boys", but I think they are pretty awesome for "girls" too.

All the prints are offered on cotton lycra, woven cotton, swim knit, board short, and PUL.

I was sent the "Moon Surface" in cotton woven.  I used it to make the Adora Top.

This is one of my favorite patterns. I love the neckline and the back. Plus - it mixes woven with knit for a stylish, yet comfortable top.

I was also sent these "Manly" yarn dyed stripes. I normally don't care for stripes - but these are seriously amazing! Love the colors and the variations in stripe width.

I decided to use these stripe for the sleeves of a Bethouia by Elle Puls. It's a raglan style top - but I love the way the sleeves are joined in the back.

And, I decided to add a little HTV design that I made to my Bethouia top in response to the US leaving the Paris Climate Accord.

I also got to sew the "Moon Surface" print in swim. So now I have a moon swim suit. I love how it turned out.

I used the Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart for the top  - with a few tweaks.

This preorder closes on June 9th. Order at

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