La Fabrica Shop by Nina Zabal

A new fabric group just opened their first preorder - La Fabrica Shop by Nina Zabal. Nina Zabal is the owner and artist of the La Fabrica Shop. The designs are printed using organic inks on cotton lycra here in the US. That's something very uncommon in the custom knit industry.

Nina Zabal sent me a sample from her first preorder to sew. I received Hipp Gemma. It's a lovely design of crystal gems in a variety of pastel colors on a soft grey background. I was drawn to this print by my love of geology. I love to collect rocks and minerals - and crystals are always so beautiful.


I was sent a sample that was slightly smaller than a fat half. I immediately knew that I wanted to make the Elle Puls Bethouia with this print.

I love this raglan top in how the sleeves connect in the back. I think it shows off the print great.

I decided to add a little HTV to the top. It's hard to read in this photo, but it says "You were born to sparkle" - and the HTV is glittery.

I used the mint cotton lycra from Made Whimsy for the body.

The preorder for this print, and many other beautiful designs, closes on June 18th.

Presale Bonus Discounts!
SAVE1 - $1 when you spend $25*
SAVE2 - $2 when you spend $50*
SAVE3 - $3 when you spend $75*
SAVE4 - $4 when you spend $100*

*This discount equals to $1 dollar OFF Presale price per yard. Yards can be comprised of 2 fat halves or half yards, or a combination of them.

In addition, get a greater discount when you join the La Fabrica Shop Facebook Group

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