Cuddle Muffins Custom Printing Love Birds

Cuddle Muffins has a cute flash round at preroder  - Love Birds. The prints are adorable and will be perfect for making adorable outfits for Valentine's Day. The flash preorder is open through October 17th. Order HERE!

First I should tell you the names of these prints. The mint colored print of the Love Birds is "Barrack & Michelle" and the stripes are "Biden my Time".

I pulled out a pattern I haven't used in awhile, the Diamond Dress & Top from Shwin Designs. I really wanted to show off how beautiful these love birds looked with these stripes.

Due to a combination of me being sick and not making this pattern in awhile - I made a little mistake. Initially, I cut the middle diamond out upside down! I didn't have enough fabric to cut out a full piece correctly, so I had to leave off the top portion of the diamond. I originally thought I'd shave some off the shoulder pieces and just have a lower neckline, but decided to make it a keyhole.

I'm quite happy with how this little mistake turned out. The colors in these prints are gorgeous. The stripe has to be my favorite I love the little glitter stripe on each color band.

Hurry to order these cute prints. The preorder closes on October 17th! Order HERE!

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