Zenith & Quasar Fabrics Nature Round

The Nature Round at Zenith & Quasar is awesome - as always. I love every single print and will probably end up ordering all of it. Be sure to check out all the designs - there's even a National Park themed print. This preorder is really quick because there are some amazing things in the works that will need to go up for preorder before the end of the year. This preorder closes on October 8th. View all the prints and preorder at https://www.zenithandquasar.com/product-category/r23/

I have been begging Lilly to run an Agate print and another Rock print. She finally gave in to my constant pestering and we have "Blue Agate Geode" and "Smooth Stones". Smooth Stones comes in two different scales - Large & Small.

My top shown below is made with the large scale. For perspective - the red rock on my chest measure 3 5/8" across. The small scale will be half that size.

As soon as I saw these print, I told Lilly I had to make a shirt with both. The Blue Agate Geode goes perfectly with the Smooth Stones.

My top is the Kaleidoscope Maxi Dress & Top from Shwin Designs.

The Butterflies Panel and Painted Wings print is beautiful and was designed for a mother and her son, Roland. The young boy did not survive and butterflies were released at his funeral. 10% of the price of every yard & panel sold will be donated to the New Melleray Abbey Child Casket Fund, which provides handmade infant and child caskets free of charge to grieving families http://trappistcaskets.com/child-fund/

The panel reads, "Without change there would be no butterflies". The soft green of this panel is so beautiful.

The top I made is for the mother. This is the Shwin Designs Hamburg Dolman.

The Butterflies in the Painted Wings print are simply stunning.

So many different type of butterflies. All are beautifully detailed.

Panels from Zenith & Quasar are a full yard. The front panel design is a fat half and you also get a fat half of just the background. This makes for a full shirt that looks store bought. You can make up to a size 3X with these panels depending on the pattern.

This preorder is closing on October 8th. Be sure to check out all the gorgeous prints offered.

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